December 14th, 2006

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Do you think it is exorbitantly expensive to live on Coruscant? I wonder what they did when they started running out of room and decided to make the whole planet a city. And how do they get oxygen? Since there are no farms, I bet all their food is technically "foreign." I wonder if they get tired of foreign food. "Honey, can we just grill cheeseburgers tonight like the rest of the galaxy? Oh wait, this is Star Wars. We don't have cheese." Do you think dairy products can be produced by banthas? I suppose they're mammalian. Oh, and since it's one big metro area, how does one realistically narrow down the distance they're willing to travel to get to work? Is rush hour even a problem since you can just fly a space ship everywhere? I wonder if people see spaceships the way some see SUV's here. "Yeah buddy, like you NEED intergalactic transport. You probably haven't even taken that thing to the moon. What a freakin' waste."

- lafemmezilla, locked entry, QWP.
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I are no metrosexual

woogie_j presents his new choice of lifestyle, Straight Eye for the Straight Guy.

I don't care at all about my appearance, my social graces, or even my hygiene, and for some reason girls don't show an interest in me. Join my new association - we'll call it the "min's league". We'll start to push back on women, with their oppressive standards for cleanliness, fashion sense and stimulating conversation. Every day, I have to face the horrible choice between being a lazy slob or having sex. And that's a choice forced on me by women! I should have the right to my carefree, low maintenance lifestyle and frequent sex.

QWP, read the whole debacle for a bucket full of lolz and the full context.
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skinship on losing her job:

Note the irony, however - today was also the day that I got a "Merry Christmas from your company" letter from them, along with a calendar and a card. Aww, they kick me in the shins and put snow down my shirt because they really love me. It's like third grade all over again.

Context, and a deaf employer, here.
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barbituratecat is having trouble with her cats fighting above and below her blankets.

It was an interesting experience, to say the least. Pepper on top of the covers rolling around and batting at the lumps underneath, while Timmy burrowed around on the other side. The combined sensation was somewhat akin to being trampled by a herd of fat teddybears while weasels ran up and down my body.

from note_to_cat with full post hyar.

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urbanmonk, a blogging zen priest wrote:

"Each time [the "Buddhist" discussion group at a Unitarian Universalist Church] invited me to come and speak to them, I would tell them that Buddhism is a practice, not a belief. It's not something you think, it's something you do. It's not a theory about the nature of reality, but the direct experience of that nature. Essentially, I told them they were a bunch of phoneys, but, as codependents will, they kept inviting me to come back. I began to feel as though it was a kind of abusive relationship; I should probably have shown up wearing a wife-beater undershirt and carrying a six-pack of Coors. After a few visits, I realized that I didn't have the medicine for their sickness (or, rather, I did, but it was medicine they weren't willing to take), and the next time I was invited I declined."

edit: Post is here.