December 11th, 2006

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What a punchline!

your_rocket contemplates the newly-named Houston Dynamos:

On another note, I'm wondering why you didn't go with the usual cutesy little theme of naming your sports teams after the only REAL accomplishment you guys made: Something to do with the Apollo 13 Shuttle going to the moon. (Actually, The Apollow 13 didn't even make it to the moon. It FUCKED UP half way through and almost KILLED THREE ASTRONAUTS. :D GOOD JOB!). You've got the basketball team, The Houston Rockets; the baseball team, The Houston Astros; and the hockey team, The Houston Aeros. Why didn't you name your BRAND NEW SOCCOR TEAM something like...The Houston Astronauts? The Houston Apollo 13s? The Houston Rocket Scientists? The Houston Moon Monkey? The Houston We Have A Problems?
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anik is approached by a customer looking for something specific:

Scene: at register, Middle-Aged Woman Customer (MAWC) is paying for her calendar purchases.

MAWC: Do you have any calendars for the (pauses for effect, looks around, voice lowers to whisper) homosexual types?
Me: Er . . . (flummoxed) we have pinup calendars, of guys and of girls (racks brain for anything else remotely sexual orientation-dependent).
MAWC: (gathering up purchases, still speaking in low hush) Hmm, maybe. Because I have some co-workers who are gay. They seem to get off on that stuff.
Me: Oh. (deflummoxing, slowly transitioning to Miss Mannersesque icy distain) Er, uh, well then. Do you know what their interests are? We have a lot of calendars, but we don't really have any, er, specifically gay ones.
MAWC: I'll have to think about it. (scurries from store as though in fear of catching teh gay from our porn tasteful erotica section)

It was just so bizarre, with her whispering the words as though we were Polish resistance agents passing secrets. Perhaps I wouldn't have been so flummoxed if this was another town, but dudes, I'm in Vancouver.

I can't help but wonder, though, if she was looking for the fabled "Homosexual Agenda" Calendar.

Then in comments, rumor33 asks: Haha, I can see her Office Christmas part now....why does she think that the only interst of a gay person is gay-nes??

To which anik replies: Well, I don't know . . . maybe being gay is really time-consuming, and once you become gay you don't have time for any other interests? You know, like with sudoku.

QWP from a flocked entry at booksellers.
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The character who keeps talking, and has me running along with a notepad yelling "Wait up! Hang on!" just uttered the disturbing phrase: "Hey, I wouldn't kick him out of bed for biting the head off a live chicken."

That...kinda...worries me...

Context here. That's most of it, though.