December 9th, 2006

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On having issues with the creepy person on the bus:

lonesomeoctober is having public transportation adventures:

OH OH OH. And creepy bus guy was on the bus this evening! And I finally figured out who he reminds me of, and he's GOLLUM. Seriously! He's all "Katie is niiiiice!" and then he mutters under his breath and you KNOW he's going "Katie is TRICKSY, preciousssss". ALSO. He's really, REALLY creepy about my eyes. Like, he keeps offering to massage them and then keeps telling me they're so beautiful and I figure he wants to poke them out with a spoon. And eat them. Also with the spoon.

Context, locked and QWP, has two eyes to rule them all.

Not quite grabbing a tiger by the tail...

jim_smith, on our Commander in Chief:

Look, dude, you just aren't getting it. I'm no fan of Iran and Syria either, but the whole point of Baker Report is that we're in deep shit and we're going to have to do some stuff that we wouldn't if we had a choice. The whole point of the Baker Commission is that doing what we want and expecting everyone else to get used to it hasn't worked. You're not not negotiating from a position of strength! Iran and Syria aren't desperately looking for ways to please us so they can get the privilege of cleaning our mess. ("Oh gosh, let me hurry up and stop screwing with Lebanon and put my uranium away so I can get right on bailing out my worst enemy.") True, they don't need chaos on their borders, so stabilizing Iraq is in their best interests. But so is letting us be hoist on our own petard while we weaken our standing in the world. Like it or not, they're the ones holding most of the cards, and I'm pretty sure they know it. You have to admire the tenacity of the man, though--you grab him by the short hairs, and he just tells you it'll cost five bucks to let him go.

Context is negotiating from a position of strength.

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The seat is overly vicious.

boredgods is a pioneer in glutinous temperature control:


Everyday my tolerance for sitting on cold porcelain things drops a little...
It's gotten to the point where, if I'm the first person up in the morning that must face the seat of chilly doom, I consider my time spent there a public service.

Context hopes that nothing gets frozen in place.
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13thornever finds an .. interesting ... photo of his 9 year old self

I hate and love at the same time that I am reclining. What? What 9 year old does that, except those waiting for Uncle Fester to do his deed once he has laced your push-pop with GHB and THUNDERBIRD. I have the ONLY Emo-haircut. It took the Blue Ribbon at the County Fair that year under the "recently molested" category.

For the picture and context: