December 7th, 2006

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halcyon_flight had her wisdom teeth out.

And like many Batman villains before me I sit hunched over in my evil lair contemplating my inevitable vengeance while stuffing gauze into my mouth.

Yes, mine is an evil (if muffled) laugh.

Flocked post, QWP.

On the subject of uncut_diamond's new job.

ifeverangelsbe: How is that going for you?

uncut_diamond: I'm loving it.

ifeverangelsbe: :O McDonalds

uncut_diamond: We only serve hundreds, not billions.:(

ifeverangelsbe: Yeah. You're not man enough to serve billions like your mom.

uncut_diamond: My momma got me through undergrad. :(

ifeverangelsbe: what about law school?

uncut_diamond: Student loans, line of credit, prayer, beer.

context is a locked post, qwp
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elfwreck is having some keyboard problems...

—issing so—e keys right now. Roß spilled a drink on our nearly-dead key3oard and it's —oved fro— "so—ewhat dead" to "—ostly dead." (See? I a— clever. I use e—dash for the —issing "—".)

I a— losing —ore characterš as I type; I'\/e lošt the nor—al "š" now.

Gonna swap it out 3efore we have to deal with "all-dead." All-dead key3oards where you can only type 3y using copy & paste are painful and frustrating. (Kiñda like ha\/iñg to uše the alt-ñu—3er ço—3iñatioñš to get letterš w/diaçritiçš. Pleaše igñore all the e×tra —arkš dañgliñg arouñd the letterš.)

—issing a3out half the keys on the 3otto— row. & A few otherš. Iñçludiñg aah err how to write? That puñçtuatioñ —ark ušed for paušeš.

3etter štop while the alt key štill workš. The left šhift key getš... odd rešultš.

(QWP, Context is here, but that's the whole post.)
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