December 6th, 2006

Knitting Love

Talk about Fast Food Nation...

dawning_star talks about grabbing a quick bite here:

I went to Sonic during the latter half of my lunch hour to get a cherry limeade.

Sonic drone: Would you like artery cloggers with a complimentary side of angina?
Me: No thanks, just the limeade.
Sonic drone: Damn.

That might not be an entirely accurate transcription of the interaction, but I think you get the gist.
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renegadecat offers her opinion upon watching Fox News for the first time...

Newscaster: Bush did it again! He saved a busload of orphans and near extinct animals from terrorists by just saying "Hey y'all, stop it." More at 11. *smile*

Seriously. And he didn't even say please.

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Firsty post!

My friend madamluna was providing a General Life Update when she provided this summation of tweenage girls on the internet:

"Re internets: today I told my dad all about the importance of tildes, and recommended that he not only use them in place of periods when he is typing up officer evaluation reports and Coast Guard memorandums, but also that he liberally use ♥ too. Preferably several times in a row."
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