December 3rd, 2006


Van Wilder

cmpriest saw Van Wilder 2 and didn't like it

Here are just a few ways that those two hours could have been better spent:

* Eating stamps
* Drawing stick figure pornography on dollar bills
* Hot-gluing live cockroaches to mailboxes
* Crank calling radio stations (Hey, can I dedicate Alice Cooper's "Poison" to my good buddy Alexander Litvinenko?)
* Picking sesame seeds off of Big Mac buns
* Arguing with Jehovah's Witnesses
* Masturbating with a cheese grater

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sga making science hot

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30toseoul comments on the chilly reception for a reporter in Antarctica:

I sort of hope he wanders into the Dorm 207 smoking lounge and starts being cheerfully friendly right in the middle of Star Trek: The Next Generation. My group of crusty old ex-military men would hand him his intestines.

Context is not surprised.
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lakidaa :
"Sorry, I have to lie to make my magic work. It's in my contract." :|
"What? That's ridiculous."
A contract is shown. "See? I had to sign over some of my truthfulness for magical power. Really, signing over stuff like this is common. There's a reason there's so many wizards who don't wear pants."
"Wait, you mean that wizards give up...wearing...pants?" Incredulity. (and a psyduck-like pose)
"Sure. I mean, it's nothing major. I just gave up something different."
"Because I like my pants." :3
Context is musing on the origin of the word "warlock."
cosmo_mouse // hugh

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tuff_ghost's term paper in haiku form:

    Tough negotations
    Treaty's just not quite the thing
    Civil war ensues


    All my sources agree
    Except for de Valera
    Damn Republicans


    IRA boss man
    You're so brave and conflicted
    Oh, Michael Collins


    I could type the rest
    If only the cat would get
    Off of the keybaoardffffffggg

Context waxes poetic. QWP. That's also the entire post.