December 2nd, 2006

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  • cmzero

nedroidcomics takes a course in art criticism:

Just to give you an idea of what this class is like... it's one of the required senior seminars for my major, which means that everyone in it is a senior, which means that we've all been in school for four years or more. On the second day of class, our teacher took us over to the library to teach us that that's where books are, and that books have information in them. Also, you can check books out of the library. If only someone had told me this sooner, my years and years of formal education might have been easier.

Read the rest for the analysis that follows.
  • radds

Procrastination FTW

abysmaul has this to say on procrastination:

Watch me, look, I'm straying away from my computer... Oh, look, I'm running to my binder! I'm flipping it open to my homework! I'm scribbling answers down, fast as I can! Now, look! I'm putting on a cape! I'm flying out the window! I'm saving screaming Japanese people from a neo-Godzilla in Tokyo!

Do they have lives for sale on eBay?


Context will start in an hour.
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Pustulent Ulcer.

"O labyrinthine passageways of pus beneath the skin,
'Twould gratify my psyche to stick you with a pin,
Or sharpen up my fingernails and squeeze you 'til you burst!
But I wouldn't dare to pick at you unless you tell me first:
Vanquished and deflated, would you shrivel and retreat,
Or become an ignomin'ious scarlet scab upon my cheek?

- elysesewell here