December 1st, 2006

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On Wishes

remus_shepherd had a Jiminy Cricket moment recently:

I have two wishes that I've always made when seeing falling stars. I stopped wishing for the first one, 'Ease' when ... well, when I got it. Life became easy and boring. So I started wishing for something else.

That's why I screamed 'Relevance!' at the top of my lungs last night. Hopefully loud enough for a just-fallen star to hear.

Context could settle for less than three wishes.

anthemyst's new boyfriend suits her.

Me: See, my shoes don't have laces, but they could still be tied together.
Him: That's ironic.
Me: No it isn't.
Him: Byronic?
Me: It isn't Byronic either. Byronic isn't even a word.
Him: Sure it is.
Me: Definition?
Him: In the style of Lord Byron.
Me: Fair enough. Are my shoes in the style of Lord Byron?
Me: They aren't.
Him: How ironic.
Me: It isn't.
Third Party: If that's how you two flirt, it's adorably bizarre.

Context is locked, QWP, all that jazz.
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inyfacemckelvey ponders an age old question:

given a narrow path, who has the right of way?
a. me, pushing a baby in a stroller

b. an angry lesbian in a wheelchair, smoking a cigarette

she thought b. i thought a. disaster ensued.

Context isn't really necessary, this is the post in its entirety.

Mmm, I'll have some hobo pizza.

uncut_diamond: And we ate pizza. Free pizza. But "Hobo's Pizza" was the name of the company. I asked for vegetarian pizza. Hobo? Ho no.

In response:
onewayfreak: Hobo's is just down the street from me. If you ever plan on eating it again, try to avoid visiting the place it's made. Just a tip.

uncut_diamond: Now with real hobos?

onewayfreak: Just like mom used to make!

uncut_diamond: Momma's doing 10-20 for murder?

onewayfreak: 35-life. Mom made a lot of pizza back in the day.

uncut_diamond: You might say she knocked people off like dominos.

Context is never going to eat pizza again.
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kemidra wants to be worth the effort:

Tomorrow I wander West Philly and look for Christmasy things, since there's a weirdo out there with a screwdriver keeping me from my habitual nocturnal* wanderings. Seriously, who the hell uses a SCREWDRIVER? Being mugged sucks, but being mugged by some half-ass who's not even committed enough to get himself a knife or a gun is just insulting.

QWP, no context necessary.

Surreality at the Cubefarm

There was a nasty computer virus at The Job, so some one whose name is Anonymous Tech Person reset ALL the computers so that no one on our floor could get into their workstations.

Which wouldn't be interesting or at all noteworthy, except everyone on our floor had to call tech support at the same time.

Which means we all had to listen to the same hold muzak.

Which happened to be a crappy muzak version of "More than a Feeling"

Which led to my seeing three of my coworkers in their separate cubes bopping their heads in unison and playing air guitar. In slow motion. Because it was muzak.

- insidian, here