November 29th, 2006


If the shoe fits...

miss_bushido shatters my preconceived shoestore notions over in customers_suck:

Just because you don't want the display Ugg because "it's dirty", when it clearly isn't and when it is the only one we have left in that style, doesn't mean you need to get huffy with me. I don't have a supply of elves in the back that make shoes.

Someone gave Context some clothes and it ran away.
mome raths

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I love Ikea. But I hate their product names. They're too evocative for me. Like Ängar candles. I keep reading that as "Anger candles." Apparently, they're being recalled, so perhaps they were too angry. There was some chair or something from there a while ago that I really liked but didn't feel comfortable buying because it was called something akin to Kråpp... now, I realize (thanks to my Danish MIL) that in Swedish that's pronounced something more like "crop," but still my brain reads it as "Crap chair." Would you buy a crap chair? Honestly...

I'm just waiting for them to start marketing the Brøkün and Fliimsë lines of furniture, which will probably be really cute and modern and delicious and I will want them, except the names will make me Üncømfaertåbil.

treadpath brings the †ünnŸ

kaynyne holds forth on the modern medical system:

Me: (with more than a touch of irritation) Explain something to me, would you? When I was a child, this practice had no computer, employed three staff and a black and white cat called Charlie, and I could get a prescription in an hour. Today you have over forty staff and a very expensive computerised system, yet you can't manage to print out a repeat prescrition for THREE days? Why is this, is it the loss of the cat that's affecting efficiency?

Somehow, I think I just blew my chance of getting a prescription today *sigh*


And, context.
Picard *snerk*

Viking woes

nameless_evil is a Viking on weekends, and gets some real know-it-alls:

And finally, a friend of mine was playing as an Ancient Roman Legionary hammering nails into shape. Knowing Mother comes over with two daughters, watches for a while and then turns to the kids.

Mother : Of course, they didn't have nails back then...
Roman : No Madam, we gaffer-taped Jesus to the cross.

More are over on customers_suck, QWP!
doctor: donna wish i could be

heroes in a halfshell

over on stupidpetowners, turkituck ponders the lives of street vendors' reptiles:

I went to NYC a few years ago and while wandering around Chinitown, every other vendor was selling the little green teeny turtles. Technically, I guess that's how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got their start, but sadly not every one of those little guys could be lucky enough to fall into radioactive ooze and mutate.
Although, it's probably a better fate than the ones they have.

context is in ur sewerz, learnin' ur jujitzu
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pandoras_closet gets a plotbunny:

Skippy's list of rules number 87 states: "If the thought of something makes me giggle for longer than 15 seconds, I am to assume that I am not allowed to do it."

The idea is this; An obscenity laden, hate-filled account of the Fellowship's journey from the town to Moria as told by Bill the Pony.

Context is starting to wonder what Hobbit tastes like.
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caligaridc recounting how her logic works:

"Because the cafeteria was not only serving another in a series of North American Indian inspired meals (today was roasted buffalo with very interesting beans, squash and corn) but also a "taste of france" selection (that was merely a selection of nice cheeses... deepfried, like a mozzerella stick), i decided to read this: ..."

context: here