November 28th, 2006

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Come to the Dark Side, we have better scriptwriters

ursulav is quotable yet again:
Sometimes I think that evil triumphs because good wouldn't know a punchline if it bit it in the ass. It's too easy to stand up to grim people in robes. I want a game where the serious test of your alignment tells you dirty jokes until you agree to blow up the universe for a lark. I would go to the Dark Side in a heartbeat if I thought they had better dialog over there.
Context is enjoying KOTOR2 so far
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Devil's gift

Pernicious effects of WIP's

In the userinfo page, chris_king_2005 manifests teh hate of WIP's: WIP is a dirty word. I know it's a necessary phase, but an unfinished story leaves me with the literary equivalent of blue balls, a reader's case of coitus interuptus. *shudder* QWP, of course ETA: I hate HTML! And I can't get the paragraphs right so, sorry and please bear with it T_T
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Jazz, Cute Things

That's what I call a busy day.

spiral2000 is having a bad day at work:

I don't mind working for a boss I don't like. I've done this many times before. I don't even mind working with a stupid boss, they're usually easy to manipulate. But add all this to a man with no spine who just repeats everything that upper management says without even TRYING to back off on how much one person can do, and you get a boss that you don't respect that just flat out annoys you every time he speaks. "Dan, I need you to cure cancer by the end of the day, and if you can possibly harness perpetual motion before my meeting today at 4 that would be great. Are you doing anything tonight? I may need you to stay after for a few hours and balance the national debt while I take my stupid kid to dance or something." [emphasis mine]

Context wants to know what "leek speak" is. Public post.
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SH - Art in the Blood

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apocalypsos on the lead character of Dexter:
He's like a superhero if psychopathy and sociopathy were superpowers...he's just like Batman if Batman didn't have an unlimited bank account to work with, had more homicidal urges, and didn't shop at Uncle Bucky's Black Vinyl and Leather ANGSTANDWOE Ninja Supply Emporium. And he's funny! So, you know, he wins. ;)

Context also thinks the bit with the torture victim and the hooker was sweet.

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Regarding a mistranslated menu...

sivholm: I like "Salmon to the butter" and "Salmon to the plate" best myself. Sounds like a neat techno song.. I can hear it now.....

mercuryisme: It sounds like chess to me. Salmon to the butter. Knight to E-7.

You're in check.

clare_dragonfly: I am picturing such a chess board and it is HILARIOUS.

It is 3-D, and involves wells of melted butter (and other liquids) in place of various squares. And a very small live fish.

mercuryisme: And if you lose, you get hit in the head with a salmon.

But if you win, YOU get to be the one who attacks the vegetables.

Context is a bit peckish.