November 27th, 2006

I need a towel

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runcible uses a rather colorful metaphor to state the obvious:

I was going to do that "why I'm going to hell" meme, but I figured someone would eventually be like, "probably because I've seen the devil circling your block everyday and honking for you to hurry up" and like, I'm not in the mood for the truth tonight.

Locked post. QWP.

A witty comment about context...
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It Starts Here And Now

In all seriousness, guys...

... this is getting out of hand. Read the comm info before posting. We've literally had to delete half a dozen posts today. We really, really don't want to have to go to moderated posting, but it's much less work to have moderated posts (which would mean you'd get a huge flood of MQ spam whenever one of us has time to approve posts) than it is to delete them.

Americans have been de-frocked

akirlu assists Britons in writing American...

America has no posh frocks. Nothing posh. No frocks. And ABSOLUTELY no posh frocks. Dear God. If you say “posh frock” you’re not just British,you’re English, and you’re hopelessly plumy and twee on top of it. Except that Americans don’t say “twee.”

Context continues this course of instruction at length.

Edit: QWP, but it went f-locked afterwards. Sorry about that. Was a FoF post, so even I dont have access to it anymore.
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A lesson in humility gone horribly awry.

Regarding asking for tech support in a community not designed for it (user info), yuethomas says:

Consider, if you will, the following euphemism.

You go to the house of a world-famous baker and ask to taste one of his tasty blueberry muffins for free. (Really, really nicely-like.) He, who has just had a long day of baking, tells you to get lost. You don't get what you want, so on your way out you flip him off and shit on his front door.

Solution? You could have just gone down to the bakery and bought one of them muffins. Sheesh.

I heart my muffin-based euphemisms. . .

(source post and its mate).

...And a free set of steak knives

syn_abounds discusses Hell (Inc)'s business policies...
You know that they have a new deal on - acquire three hellish minions and they'll give you a marginally evil one for free. It's the new rewards points program, all the big corporations are doing it and Hell (Inc) is no exception. The marginally evil one is very helpful for distractions and a decoy.
Of course it comes with the warranty - we're a reputable firm here, been around for millenia.
Tell you what, I'll even through in some rechargeble batteries and a set of steak knives... how's that for a bargain?
The steak knives are made of the finest stainless steel but are made for steak, not really for human flesh. If you're wanting torture implements, I would recommend outsourcing. And no, no diabolical chef minions - unfortunately, they are one of our more popular models. However, I could do you a deal on a Highly Strung French Chef (tm) - 30% off. So long as you supply him with fresh, good quality ingredients, he should be ok. But don't ask him to cook meat any more than medium rare.

Context is shopping for minions, and continues at length.

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Context is helpful but also a little frightening. jamaesi goes home for the holidays:

Had an hour long transfer in Cambridge, Ohio. As Greyhound does not believe in benches I sat down on the sidewalk to wait and smoke. After a while of sitting there my back was killing me so I tried to get myself up with my cane when a guy came over and offered me a hand up. We chatted for a little bit and then he said one of the things on that list of things you never want a complete stranger saying to you.

"So yeah, I just got out of the joint this morning..."

I know he could have been just there for drug possession, some other nonviolent crime, or even just innocent and wrongly charged but as a disabled girl traveling alone it was kinda... awkward. :P

He was really nice though, so I'm not quite sure what moral I was supposed to get out of that, haha! I was wearing hijab so it could be that only liberals and criminals (like there's a difference!) help out terrorists.

QWP from here.

A Double Fea-choor!

blushing_rabbit gets a compliment on her earlobes:

Maybe it's a compliment, I don't know, but if I had designed myself I would not have gone for the whole 'Ireland's Answer To The Buddha' approach.

...and eveforward comments on my new position in Receiving at Large Corporate Bookseller:

You get to become the wise and mysterious troll of the cavernous and mythical "Back Room", which customers seem to think is sort of like the Library at Unseen University; any book, no matter how out of stock or hard to find, even books not written yet, is probably "somewhere in the back".

Both qwp; eveforward by my rp account, blushing_rabbit by phone.

[end transmission]
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New Potter movie, but it's about costuming. Not a spoiler unless you count photos.

wereleopard, HERE:

I am SO doing that Bellatrix dress...


already plotting how to make a wig look like a persian cat got run over by a tank.

qwp, pictures really make it and aren't really spoilery.