November 25th, 2006

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....the kind of advertising and suggestive selling that saturates the retail environment is very effective on adults who should know better; imagine what it must be like for a child to have the full might of an army of focus-group marketers and advertising executives descend upon them, convincing them that their lives will be ruined if they can't have the useless crap they didn't know existed five minutes ago.

squalorholla on children and recreational shopping.
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The three little words Beyonce needed to hear the most.

rockwrok on an OhNoTheyDidnt entry:

First of all Beyonce is way over exposed. Second of all, she said "I want to be the first African American woman to win a Grammy, Oscar, and Tony." and I do believe she said "I feel I am truly an actress now after doing this movie." Hey I'm not saying anything is wrong with having dreams and goals and feeling proud of what you've done, but it was the way she said it that came off very "I'm awesome and deserve shit."

xica_s responds:

Dear Beyonce,

Whoopi Goldberg already has a (daytime) Emmy, a Grammy, a Tony, and and Oscar, not to mention a Golden Globe. HOE SIT DOWN!


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kiji_kat explains her (un)natural immunities.

I'm against prescribing antibiotics for fun and profit, but if they're needed, bring 'em on. The last time I needed them, I was given a dose that lasted two or three weeks and was strong enough to mostly clear me up in a matter of three days. It was the A-bomb of microbe massacre-style medicines, so effective that I have not had a bacterial infection of anything since. They fear me now, dammit. Mine is a nuclear wasteland of a body, populated only by cells and intestinal bacteria that are mutated strong enough to survive such an onslaught. And they will kill any invader that even thinks about setting foot in their territory.

Context is concealing WMDs.
eddie! (by vayshedruvon)

puppetmaker40 contemplates modern religion . . .

I think back to the Catholic Church and indulgences that were sold. Can you imagine if that was going on now?

Telephone Ring
Voice 1: Hello Catholic Indulgence line, what sin have you commited?

Voice 2: Actually I need a quote for a sin.

Voice 1: That's fine Sir. I need to know what sin, situation, and city you plan to commit the sin in.

Voice 2: There is a difference depending on the city?

Voice 1: Why yes there is. The rates in Las Vegas are different than the rates in say Tipilo.

Voice 2: Hmmm, I didn't know that. OK I want to know how much it would be to commit adultery in Denver during a conference.

Sound of computer keys being hit

Voice 1: I need a little more information. Is this the first time you will be committing this sin?

Voice 2: Uh...Yes?

Voice 1: Sir there is a stiff surcharge if you lie on top of the sin itself.

Voice 2: : OK I have committed this sin before.

Voice 1: : Thank you Sir. Just a moment.....It will be $340 if the sin is less than a day and $500 if you sin the whole weekend. What credit card do you want to put this on?

Context is waiting for the coffee to kick in.
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