November 23rd, 2006

  • thebasi

It's the V-love.

From zomgrhi, on an abuse of the English language by an RPer of ... something. Nobody's figured it out yet.

People who RP like this and think it's good need to have their fingers broken so they can never, ever type a sentence like 'Ebon painted chassis flaunting robusts limbs ruggedly' again. It's like what would happen if V from V for Vendetta tried to RP. Except, somehow, I'd think he'd be more coherent. And that's saying something, since he's V.

Context could read this entire entry put in alliteral terms if I were that clever, but if I were that clever ... I'd be playing V, I would.
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  • maedinn

fanficrants is preparing a Christmas special

it all started with amxjm and the collective fandom_wank followed suit:

On the twelfth day of Wanksmas, the OP wanked about...

Twelve RPS-fics!
Eleven unlabeled het fics!
Ten costume contests!
Nine Sues a-sparkling!
Eight New Senshi a-Prissing!
Seven types of lube!
Six astral marriages!
Five syllable words!
Four 'shipping battles!
Three anime ninjas!
Two goth baa-tenders!
And their feelings on what yaoi's about!"

Context wants more presents under the tree
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Welcome to the thing.
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syn_abounds is bored at work and has discovered liquid nitrogen:

Rubber band: It went all hard and at weird angles cos it was bent in the ladle. Then when I hauled it out and bent it between my fingers, it resisted for about 2 seconds and then broke and a bit of it went SPANG! and flew across the room. Totally fucking SWEET!

Context has a whole lot more stuff to freeze (and suggestions are welcome!)