November 20th, 2006

Disapproval Face
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Wiimember wiimember the 19th of November...

ara, on a Wii wank report on JF:
Watch! Winding lines wrap the width of warehouses as workers and women wait warily, worrying and wringing hands, wondering whether websites were wrong. Wherein we whisk white boxes away, wishing we win the war this weekend. Writhe as wrapping is wrested, wrathful words are written, and wagers withdrawn. Will we witness wanking? Whining? Whoring? Without a doubt. Well, whatever.

You may call me Wii.
Stoned SP

British Welfare System

D C M Hazel AKA LicheHazel (dcmhazel) writing on benefits, banking and the nanny state.

Here are some companies and new slogans

The Post office: Post with us and we'll file it. (See rubish bin)

The National Health Service (Choose and Book): Help us, help you, Help us

Private Dental Health: Have a smile for your bank manager to be proud of!

The Dental Service (NHS): Subscribe now your grandchildrens smiles might get noted.

Social Services: Get help you need when you need it*

*As long as were not in a meeting or filing our nails

The Benefits agency: New technology to help you find a job**

**all benefits agency staff where trained how to work these machines before they where sacked due to machines

Social Services Direct Payments Dept: You get the employee you want, we give you the cash. (Eventually.) And we do no work and get the credit.

Local Council ASBO Unit: Antisocial behavior is not a problem. Please ring your local nick on 0990 ...


Did I do it right?
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Queen of Snark.


And her wonderful revelations and quotations of late:

--Whining is never overrated (just underappreciated)

--Stupid people are like decaf, they make me hungry.

--"Morgan S: 'I HATE stupid people.'
Me: Why? 'Because they're so much cooler than you?'
...There should be a law against that much truthful sarcasm."

--Then just because it made me laugh: I can stay until I have to leave.

Her sarcasm astounds me. (quoted with permission)
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From spyrit

As I stood in line at Walgreens today (before my shift), I happened to glance at the gentleman in front of me, along with his purchase.

The guy placed his items on the counter.
His purchase? Six bottles of baby oil, three Rockstar energy drinks, and a pack of batteries.

It took all my self control not to ask.

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