November 19th, 2006

gay invasion

From a different time...

In which nekoofthenight finds a blast from the past:

So my coworker is going through some old paper files and putting in them in the computer. For the moment, she's going through requests to be withdrawn their membership from our CoOp. She found this one that's almost exactly 20 years old, just a few days off actually. Written exactly how it was received.

Dear ----,
Have post poned writing this for some Time because it really saddens me to do so, but, we will have to withdraw our membership form the ---- CoOp. We can no longer co-operate.
The officers and leadership apparently approve of the immorality of Lesbianism, (because of the add put in the Co-op news letter.) We can not accept this. Actions like this along with the anarchist paper "for social change" (also advertised in the news letter) are Two of the big reasons that this whole nation is Truly being endangered from within. There is no question - They are in complete rebellion against Gods principals and commandments.

We will not be considered a part of it.
Regretfully -
---- & ---- -----
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jesterstear finds humor in Target/Disney wars

Disney: "We're going to start selling our movies on iTunes!"

Target: "Hey, the price you're charging is cheaper than buying the DVD! That's not fair!"

Disney: "Well, the picture is lower quality, and the iTunes version doesn't come with all the DVD extras."

Target: "We don't give a shit. Stop doing it or we're going to stop promoting your DVD's. We're taking down any signs promoting Disney products."

Disney: "OK, we understand. Hey, you know how Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is supposed to come out on DVD in a couple weeks? Yeah... don't expect to be seeing any copies arriving at your stores."

Target: "We're sorry, we're putting the signs back up..."

context is lol'ling at corporations
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