November 18th, 2006

agent_teacup makes an observation about her school

"incidentally, i'm on a school computer right now, and it's really weird seeing what is and is not being blocked in this page. for example, the n-word (i assume) has been subtley replaced with a series of dashes, but "faggot" has been left untouched. so basically, the catholic school board of eastern ontario doesn't mind if you're hating the gays during school hours, they just draw the line at racism."

posted as a comment in reply to Oui, c'est noir totalement.

Edit: heh. i'm a little woozy, forgive me. haven't slept for a while. :P thanks for catching that!
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copperbadge is quite relieved that it's his last week at his new job...

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We were silent for a good two minutes and then I finally said, "That was a little weird, wasn't it?"

"Don't ask me about weird," said Cranky. "That was one of his less eventful visits. Usually there's at least ten minutes of talk about how his sisters are all married to men named Walter."

Context is stranger than fiction and not much more than this, but is both public and QWP.
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icecreamkiller, addressing his bad week

Context is enjoying group therapy sessions.

Dear internet/friends/family/Bad Week/school/All To Whom It May Concern:

I do not like you. You are not cooperating, you are not being nice and you are certainly not making me happy. You may have come to Planet Arrogant Narcissistic Self-Centered Short-Tempered Moody Utter Bastard, but this kingdom already has a throne and I happen to already be sitting in it.
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So... I guess Woody Allen has nothing to do with this one?

One of the many astonishing things about Casino Royale is just how tawdry it makes the last three Brosnan films look. The Bond franchise was faced with two choices after Brosnan's departure-- brutal reinvention, or geometrically multiplying self-parody. They could have continued to make films in which Bond raced invisible fairy cars and rocket-sleds across Playstation landscapes while shooting lasers at killer cyborgs. Instead, somebody drank a whole pot of Get Serious and opted for the reinvention.

Thank you, whoever was responsible. You may have a cookie. You may in fact have two.
-scott_lynch was stirred, Vesper was shaken.

Context thinks Ian Fleming needed some serious sexual counseling.