November 17th, 2006

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tom_kiper may or may not be observing a Zionist movement.

It is a battle for our minds and hearts, waged - in our stairwells and the stalls of our bathrooms, which is where the flyers have been posted. (Hey! I don't see a university "approved for posting" stamp on that!) So really it's not a terribly effective shadow war, unless you get the runs. Or a terribly effective person armed with spare paper, staples, and Scotch tape, as is more likely. Anyway, as far as I can tell, the basic platform appears to be this:

Discussing the Middle East in a manner that may be critical of Israel is anti-Semitic. ISRAEL PWNS J00 ARAB COUNTRIES SUXX0R LOL

Public post, all of which deserves a read -- context pwns sometimes as often as six, seven times a night.
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gtrout is really quite anxiously waiting for a telephone call


“Yeah. You don’t see this very often, but it happens. You can put your kit away, by the way. This isn’t a crime scene. Death was accidental.”

“Grissom, you’ve got to be kidding. Are you telling me it’s not a homicide?”

“Nah. The guy who called this one in is probably a rookie.”

“But—the brains! This guy’s brains are everywhere! My god, there’s grey matter a quarter-inch thick across the entire desk!”

“Right, but look at this.”

“Huh. Cell phone. I took it for bone fragments.”

“Right. And if we look—here, hold this—if we look at the phone’s incoming call log, what do we see?”


“Right. The phone hasn’t rung in over twenty-four hours. I’d say that he was waiting for a call, and it didn’t come in, and—”

“And his head exploded?”



Context is standing by.
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cleolinda has very little faith in Death Eaters...

Spoiler pics from OOTP trailer. Voldemort has got to get some robes with actual sleeves, I am telling you. For some reason, the v-neck and bare forearms always make me think "hospital gown," in that off-the-shelf temporary apparel kind of way. Can't nobody bring the Dark Lord some new threads? I ask you.

confusedmuchly has this to say on the subject:
And see, until you said that, I had no words to express why exactly his robe bugged me in the 4th movie. And with the comment of new threads, my mind wanders slightly... who would do Voldemort's laundry? Peter? What brand of detergent is he fond of? Does he use fabric softener, or does the fresh smell of Fleecy kind of ruin his Evil Overlord image?

Context is questioning the reliability of Voldy's personal assistant.
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okay, who sacrificed a goat in my immune system?

bynner posted:
Our bodies may be temples, but not all temples are tranquility and light wrought in alabaster and flowering vines. Sometimes we discover we've been rented out by some itinerant, elder-spawn revivalist and just have to make do until the screaming and bleeding and unholy, otherworldly miscegenation is done... and then remind ourselves to get a larger damage deposit next time.
Context is squamous and rugose.
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In an old post, model elysesewell discusses "snacks o'er the border":

As with corn, dairy products aren't a dietary staple in much of Asia, and cheese is a commonly-cited Chinese Horror Food. But for every Chinese person shrieking, "Eww, cheese! It's just rotten milk!" there's a Frenchman muttering, "Uggh, la sensation de plastique!" as he elaborately pretends to choke to death on the cubes of tofu in his Japanese miso soup.

Context longs for some Ho-Hos & frito pie.