November 14th, 2006


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From coatcheckgirl

I can't stop dancing whenever I listen to 'Supermassive Black Hole' by Muse. Even if you think Muse is whiny and sounds like the depressed dude from Radiohead (DOES NOT) that song is the fucking shit. It made me dance on BART, and then all the way down 17th and up the stairs of the ACS. I'm dancing RIGHT NOW. in my pants though, where noone can see me. except pants gnomes.
Webster Yellin' at U

Mod Hat On.

There's been a rash lately of people posting things they know don't belong in the comm and heading it up with "mods please forgive me" or what have you. Every time I see one of these posts (and therefore have to delete those posts and go through the mod-side work of documenting the rule-breaking and yadda yadda), I feel a little less forgiving.

It's really simple: if you know it breaks the comm rules, don't post it. No ifs, ands or buts. I don't care if your Aunt Edna sent you something about a computer virus that goes back in time and deletes your great-great-grandmother's socks out of her laundry basket. This isn't an announcements comm, or a dumping ground for the latest Panic! At the El-Jay forwards or memes. This comm has some relatively simple rules.

Please follow them.
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A segment of text containing a possibly humorous or insightful statement from someone's journal.

misscheeveeuss on "civil unions"...

Imagine if in 1920, women finally received the long-fought for and wholly deserved right to vote, but men got hung up on actually calling it "voting" and decided instead to call it a "formal notification of interests."

Imagine if when Abraham Lincoln finally signed the Emancipation Proclamation, and Congress later finally passed the 13th and 14th Amendments guaranteeing that black men and slaves were legally guaranteed all of their civil rights due to them as Americans, but politicians got hung up on calling it "freedom" or "abolition" and decided instead to call it a "disclosure of tax-liability."

Imagine if when Germany issued its formal apology to the world and the Jewish community for the atrocities it committed during the Holocaust, that the mensch got hung up on actually calling it an "apology" and decided instead to call it "PMS."

Context is a follow-up to this post.

In the navy...

There is a French Navy warship in St. John's harbour.

How do I know it's a French warship?

Big flag
Cocky sailors
Bright white hull
No visible weapons or signs of weapons.

In response,
mr_flagg: i thought for sure you were going to say it only has 2 speeds.
and retreat faster

uncut_diamond: Sadly, it was docked when I saw it this morning. But I'm sure you missed a third: "Strut"

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UPS: It sends your stuff where you don't want it.

xlerb has been having an... Issue... with UPS this week.


Meaning that they, in four business days, efficiently delivered my package from Florida to California, and only then was it noticed that, um, it's addressed to someone in New York. It will, in finite time, converge on reaching me, I think.

Nice of them to leave that little explanation in the record, though. By which I mean that, if one adopt a strategy of expecting only complete useless incompetence from organizations like UPS, anything above that will seem a cause for joy.

Cue Dubya Pee. Context is booking tickets to Miami.
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