November 13th, 2006

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Bubblewrap – it’s not just for therapy anymore

My mind switched gears and I was transported to the scene where the two serial killers were getting bubblewrap. She had a massive bubblewrap gown, holding a big bouquet of bubblewrap flowers, with a long bubblewrap train trailing down behind her and going halfway down the aisle, where her children just HAD to keep falling on the train to make it pop. Grubby, sticky children, for that matter, because none of them had bathed for Mommy and Daddy's Big Day.

The preacher had also placed bubblewrap around the railing that surrounded the altar, and he was having the couple burst the bubbles for various commitments and things, such as "...for leaving your parents...*pop*...for cleaving to one another...*pop*..." The children were included in this, and each child came up to pop two big bubblewrap bubbles for their parents' wedding. Each child found chocolate bars beneath their popped bubblewrap.

And then I woke up, laughing my arse off.

Quoted with permission from flameelf
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atrypical complains about the female anatomy;

I mean, during Powderpuff, when we were playing? Everyone was getting groped. But I have huge boobies, so it's like *grope grope grope*

Ginormous boobs for the lose.

At least I could grope other people. :P

Context, QWP(which was actually granted over messenger.)

on Weight Watcher's Points system

shadowraine Had some interesting reality to get off her chest:

 Me and my freind Crash were walkin back from the cafeteria.. when we both saw this really hot chick. he goes "i wouldn't mind havin her for lunch" to which i replied without thinking "i wonder how many points she is" and he goes "10 easy" and i go "yeah i couldn't do that, i only have 8 left." he looked at me and goes "you seriously need to get laid. eating a cheeseburger."

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