November 12th, 2006


iamradar Holds Her Nose...

*Holds nose*

There are construction guys outside doing something stinky. I don't know what the hell it is (maybe roofing tar?) but it smells like the Jolly Green Giant ate too much of his own broccoli, gene-spliced himself with the Spleen from Mystery Men, and passed a ginormous fart.

the twelve pains of Christmas

The lite rock station started playing all Christmas music today. [...] Now, I like Christmas music just as much as anyone, but I think that 43 days of Christmas is a little more than we need. Pretty soon the Christmas season will extend back to Annunciation Day and we'll just spend most of the year celebrating the gestation of the baby Jesus.

--pianobee241, here

put up or shut up

a hypocritical bible beater is pwnd by shadowweaver06

HBB: The Lord gives you all the things you could ever need.
Me: Well, until the man upstairs starts working my shifts, cooking my food, paying my car-payment, my rent, student-loans, insurance, utilities, and medical bills, puts a ring on my finger and gives me a relatively decent sex life? Yeah, he's not working in my favor.
HBB: *appalled look*
Me: *hands her her reciept* *smiles* Have a nice day.

Context is looking for concrete proof of residency in the upper room