November 9th, 2006

Nothing Wrong With Cackling In Moderatio

Horrifying Political Pun by colubra:

So in a few months, the stars having finally aligned that such history shall be made, California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will take into her hands the gavel, becoming the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives in the history of the US.
And with this act will come eldritch horrors beyond imagination, for then, the former speaker of the house will become...


Sorry. I've been saving that one for years.

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Yes, but God help you if you make a pass at Morticia in front of him

Gomez is who I want to be: a man of passion, of fearless exploration. And yet he's also kind. He wants to make you happy, even if he doesn't necessarily understand your ways - but more importantly, he wants you to join him. He longs for company when he runs model trains into each other in a fiery explosion! He demands you learn to fence, for he loves it so! Show him something new, and you're off chasing him to try to catch up with his enthusiasm! And yet for all of that, he's willing to shrug reluctantly and let you play your game.
-theferret would look good with a pencil moustache and a pinstripe suit.

Context is occasionally mistaken for Lurch.

Cleolinda has achieved toaster nirvana.

Also, I really want creme brulee now. (Yes, I know there are properly about three different accent marks employed in that dessert, but try telling the Food Network that.) Instead of that, we're having breakfast for dinner, most likely employing the new toaster, about which I am way too excited. The old toaster finally just died on us--you'd depress the lever even a teensy bit, you might just think about taking out some bread, and it'd go off like a game show buzzer. "What is NO TOAST FOR YOU!" So we got a new one that has one removable crumb tray, two levers, three settings, and four slots (ah ah ahhh!). It reheats! It defrosts! It... bagels? It bagels! Which is not even to mention the fact that it is trilingual. (It's a toaster! C'est un grille-pain! Es un tostador!) My toaster is smarter than I am and I love it.

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cresselia gave me permission to quote her on the fact that she is HAVING AN AFFAIR. With Photoshop :3

It makes me wish I'd gotten involved with Photoshop sooner, 'cause damn it makes moodthemes so much easier to do~

It's like... I still use PSP a lot, yeah? I've used it for a few years now. It's like I'm sticking with PSP because of our relationship, but I'm going to Photoshop for the sex.