November 8th, 2006


I can't get no

I can only hope to have half the energy that Mick Jagger does when I'm his age. And although he has only gotten craggier and scarier looking over the years, for a skinny old guy, he kind of has a nice ass.

shawk, on Monday night's Stones concert
Happy Holidays

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"I wanted 3 things out of this election. The trouncing of the S. Dakota abortion bill, Katherine Harris and George Allen.

This Rumsfeld thing is like getting the 10 speed bike, the pony, the puppy and oh, yeah you also get to be a fairy princess with wands and wings and floaty crown-y things.

Today is a triple orgasm with chocolate sauce."

- lolavavoom rocks even when she forgets to log in for her commenting.
Context is celebratory.
rainbow-clad might

gurudata discloses some advanced technology

Dear United States of America,

The headlines are full of articles noting that your electronic voting machines have been giving all kinds of problems today, during your "mid-term elections".

Since many of you like to go around proclaiming yourselves as being the "Champions and Defenders of Democracy", one might think that you guys had this whole "voting" thing down pat by now. However, since it appears that you do not, allow me to offer the following suggestion:

Here in Canada, we have this really cool high-tech voting mechanism. It is called a "pencil and paper". Let me explain how it works:

1) Some wise person takes the input media known as "a piece of paper" and prints on it the names of all the people who are running in this election. Next to each, their party affiliation (where applicable) and a circle is printed, making it very clear which party and circle go with which candidate.

2) In turn, every Canadian who gives a sufficient level of "a damn" is handed a some input media (aka "a ballot") and goes to stand behind a shield made of high-tech cardboard, where they find the "pencil" component of the input device. Using this pencil device, the voter places a symbol in the circle next to the name of the person they want to vote for. Elections Canada is even so nice as to provide a list of acceptable symbols in every voting booth.

3) The voter then uses a complex voting concealment method called "folding" to hide their selection as they take their ballot to the high-tech vote collection mechanism known as "a box with a hole in it" and insert their ballot.

Done. No fuss. No muss. Pencils never fail to boot or leave chads a-hanging.

I may be a technogeek, but sometimes, for some applications, I like simple solutions. :)

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shenth sums up the American political system nicely:

I would like to take this moment to hate Foley, priests, and every other dumbass who proved once and for all that America cares more if you stick a cock instead of a foot in your mouth.