November 7th, 2006

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singeaddams encourages her flist to excercise their democratic rights:

Not letting your voice be heard only punishes YOU as your rights and money drain away. "Oh, fuckitty!" you exclaim. "If only there was something I could have done when I had the chance!"

Then the Storm Troopers drag you away.


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From gullinbursti, here:

I went and voted, even though our polling place doesn't give me a sticker and I don't get to feel all smug for the rest of the day because I got a sticker.

My inner civically responsible adult American is 3 years old.
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See, that's how you know the British take their beer much more seriously; an American brewery would have simply Xeroxed a picture of a witch, set it on fire and waved it over the brewing vat. - meb21 (quoted with permission from an unlocked post)

(Context? Holy Grail beer.)
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On Politics

My friend Rebecca wrote the following in an open letter to the US President:
See, over the weekend, I found out through the wonderful thing that is the Internet, that you've signed a law that, in effect, suspends Habeas Corpus.

Now, I know you went to Yale, but I aslo know that you were a C student, and that your admission was somewhat contingent on the fact that your father went as well. So, seeing as you may not have been among the brightest in your class, I hope you'll forgive a future history teacher for a vocabulary definition. Habeas Corpus is the writ (ie, document), that states that one cannot be detained without access to the charges against him or her. It dates from 1215, in a document called the Magna Carta. Maybe you've heard of it. If you haven't, it's worth a read, though you'll have to get a translation, as the original, I believe, is in medieval French.
Context for the win :)