November 6th, 2006

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America's Got It Good

By james_nicoll, in a comment to his own post on revolutions and revolutionaries:
I don't know if Americans appreciate the significance, the American Revolution, which was relatively purge-free amongst the winners as revolutions go (Your Johnny Loyalist was screwed but they backed the losing side). Thomas Jefferson might have been the sort of man to keep his own children as slaves but at least he didn't have Alexander Hamilton stabbed in the head with an ice-pick.
DLM - Withhold Love

Fatty Fatty Fatty!

bearpawly avoids having to make a confession in this f-locked post (QWP).

I just noticed the trashcan in my office was loaded with empty candy wrappers -- and I'm not talking about a mere few. The problem was exacerbated by the absence of any other trash, drawing attention to the sole category of disposed items.

I quickly collected a good deal of the contents and shuffled them off to a different trashcan, so as not to broadcast too loudly FATTY WORKS HERE.
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Not your average Christian

impactbomb has this to say, the day before elections:

As Christians, our primary goal, regardless of all that Paul wrote in his letters, is to glorify God in this world. Christians glorify God by showing the love of Christ throough ourselves. Did you catch that last part? The love of Christ. I assure you, that is no easy task. That is no cakewalk. Because common sense and every fiber of my being finds the love of Christ an appalling, terrifying thing. The love of Christ leaves no room for hatred, no room for pity, no room for anything, except this simple fact:

If you love someone, you must be willing to die for them. And if they hate you, you must be willing to let them kill you.


It all boils down to one thing: a cry of pain as one man's flesh is torn by a set of nails tacked to hard wood. It boils down to the fact that this man Jesus said nothing and did nothing but tell the truth, and he accepted that it could not stop them from stringing him up to die. If someone hates you and fears you that much, you offer your cheek to them, to strike as often as they like.


The power of Christ is in self-sacrificing love. Not in some desire to protect democracy. You cannot make the message of Jesus political without making it a mockery of itself.

QWP. Please read the context. It's worth it.
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