October 31st, 2006

Communist Party

Let's Make a Baby!

aprilbegins made this comment about being an unplanned baby in a post in ohnotheydidnt

I, for one, am glad I wasn't planned. That would just make me crawl into my already extremely repressed self that much more.


Note: My father's name is not Sigmund

Context is laughing herself silly and wishing she was unplanned too
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Elphie and Fieyro

Scary Stories from the 'hood

victoriana has her students write scary stories for Halloween. Then she puts a few quotes from them for us all to enjoy:

"We felt a cold breeze come over us, then we heard like a lady like voice. It was like GET OUT!!" (So then I was like, "Ghost, please!" and the ghost was like, "OMG, no you DIDN'T!" and I was like, "Uh, yeah I did!", and then we like had to take it to the street, and I was like...)

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(no subject)

lolavavoom just got back on AIM after two years:

But, even more amazing - there are "Black Voices" buddy icons!
Which break down thusly.

"African American Heritage" (kente cloth, the black power sign, clapping hands, a saxophonist...)

"Martin Luther King"

"Malcolm X"

"Musicians A-G"

"Musicians H-M"

"Musicians N-Z"


Really? That's it? I could have SWORN we had some athletes.

And where the hell is the Oprah icon???

Context is puzzled by the skewed selection. QWP.

Lurch at the Mega-church

ginamariewade's eight year-old son makes an interesting connection between Halloween and evangelical Wackos (filtered, QWP):
The other night, ... we passed this huge mega-church that's on Hwy 22. They are having one of those "Judgement Day" haunted-house-but-isn't-really-a-haunted-house-because-we-put-an-evangelical-judgement-day-spin-on-it events. ... they had a big tent in the back of their lot and a lot of flashing lights and a smoke machine and commotion.
Little Bear noted it and thought that the building was on fire, and I told him, no, they were doing their Halloween thing. And he said "Then they must be reanimating Jesus or something."
I thought I was going to pass out. Because I can see his logic - Halloween=zombies and the dead and creepy stuff like that, and if a church is doing something, it must involve Jesus.
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