October 30th, 2006

SlpH - Ichabod unholy

A Halloween mixtape!

Why cleolinda put Depeche Mode’s “Walking in My Shoes” in a Halloween mix:
But if you want to know why I specifically chose this song for this playlist, all you have to do is watch the video. Director was Anton Corbijn; came out in... 1995? It's one part forbidden nun-priest love, one part purple velvet, one part ice skating, one part inexplicable little people, three parts Hieronymous Bosch, and 100% WTF.

(Note: there’s a link to the vid in the original LJ entry.)

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agent may is unimpressed

How to get married, by graphicnovelist

The wedding photographer hauled us over to the gazebo for the groomsmen pictures, where we had to explain a couple times that no, I really was the groom's twin brother, not just the priest and should be included in the photos. So after the requisite classic poses, we decided to do some... less serious... ones.

I won't say more except to say that I do a great impression of a marlin.

graphicnovelist, on Day 3 his brother's wedding festivities.

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The ever-quotable ursulav has a new cat:

We met several very nice cats at the shelter, but Ben came up to the front of the cage right away, nuzzled everybody, played with a catnip mouse, then fell off a table and got lost in the play tube thing. Ah. Big, friendly, enthusiastic, good with other cats, not terribly bright--obviously he was made for us. We watched him exit the tube, butt first, with an expression of bafflement on his big face, and said "Okay, where do we sign?"