October 27th, 2006


A box is a box of course of course

ernestinewalker reflects on college.

Of course, I was never all that good at the nailing and screwing.  Passable, but not fantastic.  For Scene Design during my sophomore year of college, one option for our final project was to build something that could be a multi-purpose, light-weight, functional scenic item.  I did a box.  

Whaaaaat... it was college.  We all experiment.

No, I mean I built a box.  It was a trunk-box sort of thing that could be used as trunk or a box.  No, really.

I didn't have a drill, but I had a bunch of people who would get drunk with me and nail and screw my box.  You've got to imagine this tiny, tiny room with a handful of people, a bottle of shitty wine, and this coffin-sized box.   Then we discovered we could get IN the box... and oh, buddy, did we have fun nailing and screwing then.

Context nails an A, and screws it too.
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