October 26th, 2006

Cloud Droplets Are Twenty Microns
  • annemjw

Wait, does this mean Hades gets to hang out with a whole lot of girls?

devilcactus tells us all how they got rid of all those pesky girl babies in Ancient Greece:

PATRIARCHOCLES: Um, look, I have this thing I need sending. A letter.
DEFECTIA: Oh yeah?
DEFECTIA: Aw, dang.

Later, beyond the Styx:

DEFECTIA: It's sealed, you've got to open it yourself.
HADES (reading aloud): "No takebacks? WTF?"
DEFECTIA: Aw, dang.
HADES: I just keep falling for this. Ok, over there with all the other ones.

Context has been f-locked again and involves good girls and how to be one.

How People Should Apply For College...

The ever-witty mookieghana cracked me up this morning with this fabulous culling system...

"Closing thought (while I drifted to sleep last night):

When I went to college I had to fill out so much paperwork and take so many tests. I took the SATs, the ACTs, the NY State Regents, the SAT IIs, the AP exams; I wrote personal essays, got recommendations from clergy & teachers, showed membership in Honor Society, demonstrated personal growth through my community service work, displayed leadership skills through extracurricular activities, exhibited the power of rock through my musical background and underscored my ability to be a strong team member with my acting and sports experiences.

I think we could make a lot easier than that. Your admission test to college should consist of a single question: “At what age did you realize that Cookie Monster wasn’t actually eating the cookies?”

There will be two boxes in the answer area for you to fill in the digits of your age. If you use both boxes, you don’t get into college."

As ever, QWP... (apologies! I was asleep when the call for the link to the original post came!)