October 25th, 2006

YGO: Strong Bad E-mail #118

Akira: The Musical!

you_must_be_mad sings us this nice little ditty about a certain cracktastic anime classic:

You've just changed -
For better or for worse.
You're speeding fast towards Blobville,
And you cannot find reverse!
Should you blame experiments
For your bad attitude?
Or should you blame that crazy biker dude?

Blame Kaneda! Blame Kaneda!
He is why you've turned into
That gigantic blob of goo!
Blame Kaneda, blame Kaneda,
'Cause he never did ever let you get your way!

Context is Tetsuo showing up at sages_of_chaos.
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perplexed spike, what the heck is going on?

things i didn't want to know...

truejabber reveals some embarassing things about himself in a meme:

1) I'm 6'8" but nothing else is proportionate. And no, not that part either. Imagine the trail of disappointment I've left in my wake.


5) I might have mentioned it before in one of these things, but I almost died when I was 19 as a result of drug abuse, mono, and herpes of the mouth. Kiss me.

6) I haven't been to the dentist in approximately five years. Kiss me with tongue.

QWP, Context will give you a cold sore and has things growing on its tongue.
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An Optimists Guide

Santa's elves are responsive this year

Dear Ronnies,

Thank you for recent communication. Your requests have been entered into our system and will be considered in the order in which they were received. We wish to inform you of our exciting new business opportunity -- we have outsourced all pony supply operations to Buddha. We will be sure to pass on your request to his offices.

We know you have a choice of fictional holiday demi-gods and we thank you for choosing Santa Enterprises.

Elf #273

~berreh, helps answer letters to Santa in LJ comments.
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Ranma, shaddup, idiots, mock, frustrated
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fuego forms the Department of Village Idiocy.

Anyone claiming to be a network tech who cannot tell me what OS they're running will be immediately stripped of the title and retitled "Village Idiot".

As a corollary to this rule, there is no limit to the number of idiots which may be assigned to one village; however if the number of idiots becomes unmanageable, smaller geographical divisions may be assigned.

Context goes through villages quickly.

leila82 is having an interactive fiction flashback

"Anyone remember those games where you type in commands like "pick up the book" or "open the door" and the game would respond? I'm totally having that sort of a morning, just involving my cell.

>Wander into bedroom to get cellphone.
Realize cellphone is not on pillow.

>Look for cellphone on pillow.
Cellphone is still not on pillow.

>Look puzzled.


>Look under stuffed animal.
Cellphone is not under stuffed animal.

>Look at stuffed animal.
Stuffed animal looks back, calmly."

And the quest goes on, far beyond the point of indifferent stuffed animals!

Context is set to vibrate