October 24th, 2006

Ursula Vernon's "The Daisy"

Scientology in the UK

gideondefoe writes:

It's not often that Sky News provokes much of a reaction beyond throwing my shoe at the telly, but it actually made me laugh the other day. They were covering the opening of a big new Scientology church in London, but because it was raining the outside broadcast link f#cked up. As a result their roving reporter's voice went all robotic, his body went a bit blocky and his face turned green. So they cut back to the studio and, without missing a beat, the Sky newspresenter lady shook her head sadly and announced "I'm afraid he's become one of Them now."


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Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classic, but breakfast at pynkbyrd's is more entertaining:

One can gauge the general tone of the day when insults are hurled back and forth before breakfast is finished.

Dylan called Bugbear "stimble" four times before eggs were finished.

Bugbear informed Dylan that if he didn't shut up, Bugbear would pee on his head during toast consumption.

Both hurled back the insult of the week "You're a kinkajou" six - no, seven - times before their milk was finished. Bugbear also bit Dylan on the hand because the ownership of the Blues' Clues Snack Fridge was in question and Dylan headbutted Bugbear once (he's quite good at headbutts and body slams for a three year old) because Bugbear ripped Thomas the Tank Engine out of Dylan's hand in mid-song.

Why, oh, why ... did I not get XX at least once, instead of two XY?

Would you like toast with your link? As there is nothing more.