October 23rd, 2006

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banninated :(

thenetwork informs us of some awful news. {Locked post, QWP}

The US has banned Vegemite, even to the point of searching Australians for jars of the spread when they enter the country.

That's right, Vegemite has been deemed sinful, I mean illegal. Because of course, that is the most burning issue confronting the gummint as of right now. What the fucking fuck?

The punchline? Vegemite is manufactured by Kraft, which is, yes indeed, an American company. *gigglesnort*

Sorry, akaspeedo. This is a sore blow indeed. First Coors buys Molson, now this. Ah, forsooth, the end is nigh.

liddle_oldman: I can't actually think of a better comment than "headdesk".

thenetwork: There honestly isn't one. Unless the ban is because they thought "folate" is spelled "foleyte" and they're PROTECTING THE CHILLUN.
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On perfume and puddy cats.

velocityboy comments on my decision not to adopt more cats:

'tis better to have & keep the girlfriend than to gain four more kitties, get dubbed "the crazy cat lady", and find yourself eaten alive by eleven cats as you're dabbing yourself with BPAL experimentations... think of this scenario:

Perfume A Go-Go
Redolent of a night out in Los Angeles with vampires and actresses underfoot, this scent is high-octane and alive... even if it can't make it past the first audition. Leather, gasoline, freon and Aqua Net, with a gentle undernote of tobacco, gin and magnolias.

On me: It has a bit of a cheap hooker scent. I'm getting the leather & gasoline, but there's something besides those that I don't like.

The cats say: so we eat everything but that part of the arm.

My rating: 2

QWP, in the comments to this post. Context leaves her BPAL collection to her cats in her will.
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It's like a perverted form of free verse

Over at fandom_wank, quettaser bemoans the lack of proper punctuation:

Elipses...they are not commas...
They are not periods...full stops...or pauses...
Nor are they semicolons...though doubtful you know how to place one...
Neither are they two dots...but always three...
The triplets of punctuation...elipses...
Breathe in your mind...and not on the page...
Their constant abuse at your pale hands...makes my interest trail...
Off into infinity...like the elipses...

Context. QWP.