October 21st, 2006

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Justen gets some good advice from homeless people


On the way to my dentist appointment today, a homeless man asks me for some change. I reply that I didn't have any, and we parted ways. A couple of seconds later, he yells out to me, "And for God's sake, eat something!"
You know you're thin when even homeless people think you should be eating more.

Qwp, context needs to eat a sandwich, since it's so thin there hardly is any.
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Oblivious fanboys are causing melime some problems.

Okay, you know what's really, really been killing me lately?

Being in a fandom that boys also like. It's weird!

I have about... four different guys prattling on to me about their favorite characters (on AIM and otherwise), and man oh man have I been reading so much boypron about those characters.

I'm kind of afraid I'm just going to snap one day soon and forget that I'm talking to a fanboy and not, you know, my friend K, and just say something that will break their brains. Because sometimes it's hard to remember that not everyone is reading the boypron (why not???).


Context needs that phrase iconified. QWP.
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In response to crazy bitch Heather Mills McCartney's most recent allegations.

bajingo: with all these rediculous accusations.. Heather won't have a leg to stand on.

...in court.
starfishmedley: Oh, I'm sure she won't be totally out on a limb.

...in court.
bajingo: come on, she really did put her foot in her mouth.

And aparently she's broke.. That bodyguard must have cost her an arm and a leg.

Both of you stop it and go get me a glass of wine.
bajingo: I cannot. For I have consumed it all. Out of an antique bedpan.

Context knows bad jokes.
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