October 20th, 2006


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Drunken icky humor from coatcheckgirl

Thank you, also, you drunk, you rebel, you statement maker, you oblivious altruist, for placing 6 $1.00 bills in the toilet for the next occupant to find. I'm not sure if you peed on them (I'm guessing you did) but I'm not above soap soaking them and using them to buy my lunch tomorrow. If you ever feel the need again to disperse of your cash in such a manner, give me a heads-up and I'll lurk in the bathroom, waiting for your anti-monetary demonstration. Next time try 20's, I heard they...uh...float better.

quote found here

Trouble is, he'd need a dose the size of a horse p--, oh, never mind.

Dick Francis is writing about Viagra. o.0

This makes me think an earlier passage, which I thought was an unintended entendre, MIGHT have been slipped in (as it were) deliberately!!

This was it (Sid Halley is talking about his artificial hand):

"A couple of pounds of steel and plastic was definitely not an aid to romance."

I read that and thought, 'Honey, you just don't know where to SHOP.'
-neonnurse is disturbed by Francis trying to keep up with the youngins.

Context is hung like a jockey.

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All of my cinnamon buns have been disappointingly submissive. I suppose it would break the monotony, really, to buy a cinnamon bun and get all set to eat it and then have it fly at you, brandishing plastic cutlery and shrieking "LET MY PEOPLE GO," and then to watch as it led the rest of the buns and muffins and donuts on a crusade to free all the pastries in the city.

- redmapletree

The context wears a Che Guevara shirt.