October 19th, 2006

a panda: hey it's a panda.

take em to the bridge!

featherspy has this to say about JT and his Crusade for Sexy over at overheardnyc:

God dammit i hate that Justin Timberlake song. I liked it the first time, but after having my roomate play it every 20 minutes and seeing the frat-party signs saying "Bring Back Sexy"(sic) I just blew up. Bring Back Sexy? What the fuck? Did someone take Sexy somewhere? Is she being held POW in Korea or Kuala Lumpur or something? It makes me think of "Who's Darfur?"...

God dammit.

Context is a Wednesday One-Liner.
Mona Lesa
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But he's a hard worker....

somenewlanguage  decides that there is one defining bad thing about office jobs…
“The worst part about offices jobs are the hard-ons.

A solid boner is just what you need to help pas the time, however, people aren't always so open to the idea of moderate sexual arousal.”
QWP from a Friend's Locked post found HERE
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Ahh txt-spk

lightfromlight writes:

Remember, folks, like the admonition to Daily Show audiences not to sexually proposition Jon Stewart, and the sign at Professor Java's that tells people not to change their kids' diapers in the dining area, if there's a warning NOT to do something, it because somebody has already done it.

I noticed the following when appealing a campus parking ticket:

Please be brief but phrase your Statement of Support in complete sentences. Computer shorthand is not acceptable and, if not understood, your appeal may be denied. Text only, please.

I can picture it now.

"ok so I parked in front of the cc and i was all brb and left the flashers on bcuz my roomie needed a milkshake we came back and there was a ticket on my car and i was like wtf!!!!!!1 :( i cant believe the school wld do that to me lol. srsly I was only in there 10 mins."

Except less coherent.

QWP, locked post, that's the entire post.
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poor_toms_acold muses on North Korea and its antics recently and decides to use the Almighty Tallest Puppets as models. AT Red is North Korea, AT Purple is the rest of the world (as represented by the UN)

AT Red: I have nukes, you know.
AT Purple: *Sigh* I know.
AT Red: No really, I do.
AT Purple: I know. I don't care.
AT Purple: As long as you don't play with them. It'd gum up the whole works if you did that.
AT Red: Heh.
AT Purple: What?!
AT Red: I did it.
AT Purple: Did what?!
AT Red: Tried 'em out.
AT Purple: Yeah, right
AT Purple: Fine. FINE. I told you what would happen if if you did that. We have to take your snacks away now.
AT Purple: I did say it'd gum up the whole works if you played with your nukes. Consider the works damn well gummed. NO SNACKS FOR YOU.
AT Red: ......
AT Purple: *Raises eyebrow*
AT Red: If I declare war it's TOTALLY your fault.
AT Purple: Bzuh?
Rest of Irken population: Bzuh?

Context wants snacks.