October 18th, 2006

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Oh men...

thyme_hawthorne observes people on a busy college street.

I saw a man on the street, walking with his friends and he is walking with a strut, his chest puffed out, swinging his arms with unnecessary vigor, as if he is saying, “I hunt deer with a bucket and my bare hands.” And you would believe him and then duck, because if you didn’t, his arm would probably take out an internal organ. Collapse )

Context is beleaguered by the human race.
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squiddity muses on forgiveness

A gunman entered a school in Pennsylvania and methodically shot 11 young amish girls through the head.
When we had Dunblaine we screamed and shouted and banned things and blamed people and worried about how our children may be next.
When America had Columbine they screamed and shouted and blamed things and spectacularly failed to ban anything and instead put metal detectors in schools.

The Amish community invited the wife of the killer to the funerals, because they knew that she had her own grief to resolve.
They set up a fund for the families of the children, just like any community would do, but at the same time they set up a fund for the family of the killer, who have lsot their husband and father in a way that will be at least as hard to deal with.
They have sent flowers and condolences to the family.
The parents who lost both their daughters brought round food and told the wife that they forgave her husband.
These were the two daughters who asked to be shot first in the hope that the extra time bought may save one of the others.

I am not a Christian, but I really really hope that if something like this happened to me, I would be strong enough and understanding to do exactly the same thing.
I don't know these people, I never will, but I love them.
And if there is a heaven, I'll expect to see these people there.
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Red Dwarf, eww, that's so wrong, wtf
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miles_foxxer has an encounter in an alley...

I'm coming home after stopping at the Giant Eagle near my house to pick up frozen ravioli for dinner and I'm walking through a little ally and the stereotypical "dark parking lot" setting behind the plaza when I hear footsteps behind me. Now for those of you who don't know, I'm a long-haired hippie, it reaches my butt, I can almost sit on it, so I get cat calls pretty frequently, so long as they're behind me, it's humorous, really. But so after a few steps I hear kind of drawled out "Hey Baby!" followed by some laughter. I turn around to see 3 guys, all about college age in kind of a semi-circle about 6-7 feet from me. Then they all freaked out when they saw the beard. After seeing them freak for a second I said "120 per hour... each"

Context knows how to gross out perverts.
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From ladylostris

I've just finished working on my reading worksheet for this week, and I've come to a realization.


Even if that's so totally the case.

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Come on, you know it happened that way. What feudal barbarian wouldn't want a shiny?

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prionz_rok, on tolerance

This led me to realize, then, the facade of tolerance that I and many people close to me had been perpetuating. Let's remove it from politics, shall we. If you hate people who think that gays are immoral (they're not doing anything to prevent homosexuality, they just find it offensive), you are intolerant. If you become frustrated with proponents of intelligent design, you are intolerant. If you have no patience for those who haven't completed a higher education (and thus are parochial), you are intolerant.

Tolerance, then, is a oft-misused word...in many ways, I think a Christian fundamentalist could be more tolerant than a socialist if he/she was willing to sit and listen. In fact, there are probably many that are, and they deserve our respect.

Context is flocked and QWP

ETA: For those that asked, the rest of the post, undercut. QWP and all.

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Taken with permission from a locked post by bdactrwthabdhbt in response to Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) explaining the Iraq war while citing "The Lord of the Rings".

okay, no. it's like this: the shire was attacked on 9/11 by sauron. the drunken redneck leader of the hobbits decides to blow up middle earth, randomly. the eye of mordor is drawn to the hobbits, killing EVEN MORE people uselessly. the people of middle earth and the hobbits start to realize that this doesn't make sense, but by this time the eye has created total chaos everywhere it has followed us, so the only course of action is to leave middle earth the way it is and to GO AFTER THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE WHO CAUSED THIS SHIT. but the media in middle earth and its government are too focused on keeping frodo and sam from getting married to actually do anything useful.

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