October 15th, 2006

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Days of embarassment

lindawonderland about her friday 13th.

"So, you thought Friday the 13th was a day of bad luck? No, it's the day of embarassment!

grandma: So, i heard you have a boyfriend?
me: Who? Me? Oh yes, i do, yes *takes a sip of coffee*
grandma: So, is he your boyfriend or your lover?
me *choking in coffee*: Excuse me?
grandma: Well, is it serious, or is it just some guy you're shagging?
me: Grandma!
grandpa (to me): And to think i have to deal with these things everyday

It gets worse.

Later that night. Boyfriend and I are in bed, shagging our brains out
*bedroomdoor swings open, mum enters*
mum: can you please turn the music down, we can't hear the tv
me *screaming*: NO! NO! DON'T COME IN! GET OUT!
*exit mum*"

Quistis is smarter than you., Because I'M the genius here - that's why

Oh dear...musical hemorrhiods

In tmi_chix, poor lubedpumpkin bemoans her 'roids.

Quoth talonsage,

"Come gather round children, whereever you roam,
And admit that the roids around you have grown,
and accept that soon, they'll have closed your bunghole...
Well the tissue outside is raging...
Better get some prep H now before they breach
For the 'roids they are a raging..."

Context is singing Dylan tunes while sitting on the crapper, qwp, etc etc.
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Because prejudice does not purr.

terig discusses the world climate as it relates to her cat, Munchkin.

I came to the conclusion that the world could learn a few things from Munchkin. Munchkin is not called the Love Munchkin for nothing. She loves everyone. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, yellow or brown. It doesn't matter if you're human, feline, canine, big or small. It doesn't matter if you're a computer, a rock, toilet paper or even a box. She loves them all! She doesn't care if you're old or young. As long as you exist, she will love you. She has no hang ups, no prejudices, no hate. She is love. And she tries in her little peanut sized brain to pass that message on by example.

Context thinks everyone needs warm kitty snuggles.
Uni of Life
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Clearly lost in translation

oh_synapse's German exchange student friend has trouble saying the word "gum". Thusly, hilarity ensues when she politely asks a friend for "small gum balls".

Her: You have small balls, yes?
Him: What?
Her: Your girlfriend said you have small balls.
Him: O__O
Her: May I have one to chew on?
Him: Chew?
Her: You know, put in my mouth? Can I put one of your small balls in my mouth?

Context just can't stop laughing. QWP.