October 13th, 2006


dazed1 contemplates the Humor of E.Coli

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- -- The same strain of deadly bacteria that sickened dozens of people nationwide has been found at a cattle ranch in California's Salinas Valley within a mile of spinach fields, investigators said Thursday.

Investigators still can't be sure that the E. coli found in cow manure contaminated the fields, but said the find warrants further investigation.

We do not have a smoking cow at this point," said Dr. Kevin Reilly, deputy director of the Prevention Services Division of the California Department of Health Services...

Maybe the cow is using chew instead? I hear it's pretty popular in those circles, much more than smoking at least. I tried to think of how to make a cud joke out of this (chew=tobacco that you...well...wad up and put in your mouth) but I dunno, I'm still sortof miffed at E.Coli right now.

A smoking cow, armed with a cud-shooting gun. With your name on it.

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Over in the gold-mine of metaquotery that is customers_suck, cranberry_life is contemplating homicide:

Sometimes, it's rather dangerous for me to work in a hardware store. The urge to grab an axe or a nail-gun or a reciprocating saw with a six-inch fine-toothed blade is almost overwhelming. If I ever go to jail, it will most likely be because I hurled a bamboo tiki-torch through a customer's eye javelin style.

QWP, Context is sharpening the saw blades.

let your fingers do the loving.

mugrug shares the love, HIS way..

I was walking to class, texting a friend when I was stopped by a perky girl in an ilovejesus shirt. She asked me if I would like a word of love and offered me a bowl filled with strips of paper with bible quotes on them. I said 'No thanks, I just recieved several from my boyfriend,' waving the phone in her face. She gave me a dirty look. I laughed and went on my way.

Sometimes things just work out too perfectly.

QWP here, but thats all of it