October 12th, 2006


Geeks vs. Goth(ic)

* But then it hits me -- 2001: A Space Odyssey is almost a perfect manque of The Castle of Otranto. An eerie giant black object suddenly appears, shattering the orderly world. As the characters are drawn into the vortex, more gigantic black structures lead them onward. The character most associated with the modern -- Manfred or HAL -- becomes dangerously unstable, finally killing someone under their protection in a monomaniacal frenzy. But finally, the last apocalyptic giant black thing reveals the truth of the hero's lineage -- Theodore is the rightful heir to Alfonso; Dave (and humanity in general) are the rightful heirs to Space-time, or something.
princeofcairo muses on Gothic Lit, the modern novel, and sci-fi.

Context has BDO on the Brain. Link: http://princeofcairo.livejournal.com/78007.html
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...then the rich caramel with peanuts will have won.

multiplexer in a post on politics and terror:
After getting through State of Denial, I would not trust the Administration with a candy bar, let alone unilateral powers to try prisoners, wiretap, or torture. If we gave everyone at the White House candy bars, they'd declare them all enemy combatants, blame the handouts on the Democrats, and then appear on TV with Snickers crammed up their noses.
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So it's Schroedinger's Goth, then? You lock him in a box with a pen, paper and ink, and there's a 50/50 chance that when you open it up there'll be an ode to the darkness that contains his existence...

Context in a box.
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