October 11th, 2006


Schools: the ultimate danger zone

obabscribbler has been exposed to the perils of teaching:

Excuse me, psychotic little bastard, but would you remove that blade from my gut? I'd do it myself, only you're still hholding it and I can't touch you because of your human rights. Teachers don't get rights, you see, because technically we don't qualify as human. We're actually aliens from the planet Educatus, and subsist on a diet of coffee and hastily grabbed handfuls of cashew nuts that enforce us to stay on your world because of their wonderous flavour.

Context has no human rights.

Because I *just now* realized I posted this in my personal jurnal and not here.

I'm basing this reasoning on the fact that such an event would be, all things considered, the most inconveniencing thing to occur to Sings-to-Trees out of the potential options.

And obviously our poor elf has managed to step on one of the small Gods of Major Inconvenience during his walk in the woodlands - the kind which doesn't have enough power to smite, but has enough to make you wish it did.

(This is why people having bad days look at their feet. Lord knows you don't want to accidentally smoosh two of those little buggers in a day.)


Context is worth starting at the beginning
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In fanficrants, _dahne_ gets a tad pissed at the English language:

All right. You and I have had our falling outs in the past, but we've been able to work through them. After all, we're together pretty much constantly. I've come to be comfortable with your flaws and to appreciate your strengths. I've even defended you once or twice. Get to know him better, I've said. Sure, I've said, his quirks can be demanding and hard to live with, but at heart he's a good guy, and what's more, a whole lot of fun. (All right, I admit I've laughed at a few of the jokes at your expense, but come on - the whole "ghoti" = "fish" thing was funny, and you know it.) I've seen you abused. I've felt pain for the indignities and humiliations you daily endure. I know that a lot of your problems stem from having a strange and troubled past, and really aren't your fault at all.

But not having a good equivalent for mama de is inexcusable.

Fuck you, English language, you ponderous, illogical, Latin-cognate ridden, Indo-European son of a bitch!


Oh, you've got no qualms about picking up the occasional noun or adjective, or anything else that you already have a perfectly good equivalent for. But useful grammatical constructs? No-o-o-o, you're way too uppity for those.

You deserved what Finnegan's Wake did to you, you whore.

Context should be read and enjoyed.