October 9th, 2006


Hey you kids! Get off my website!

I took part in a panel discussion about "The Future of Comics" this weekend, and learned that apparently the future of comics is a bunch of bitter old dudes sitting around bitching about how everything was SO MUCH BETTER back in the sixties because WAH THE INTERNET and BLAH NOBODY READS SUPERHERO COMICS ANYMORE and DUH THE KIDS ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN MANGA.

I really hope us interwebs comic guys don't end up like this when whatever replaces US comes along eventually

Context has questionable content.

Cult of the pseudo-celebrity

lfire1 informs us that Paris Hilton is presently in Ireland.

Appropos of bugger all, Paris Hilton is in town....

I know this cuz as I was walking into the office past Brown Thomas, our salubrious 'if you have to ask you can't afford it' swank shop, there were black velvet ropes cutting off one entire side of it save for a spot for a limo. The ropes and the absolutely ridiculous number of men in black suits (with bright pink ribbons on their lapels) were of course there to keep the teeming masses away from swamping poor lil Mz Hilton. Only...there were no teeming masses...there wasn't anyone at all.

Dublin is kinda notorious for it's casual walk around by stars, they fly over and know they can walk around the shops and restaurants without getting hassled so it's not unusual for you to catch sight of them, Lisa Kudrow was spotted in Grafton Street last week, and Hilary Swank and Kathy Bates are also in town filming P.S. I Love You by our Taoiseach's (Prime Ministers) daughter, and for a moment I had hopes it might be one of them, until I saw the pink ribbons. One little old lady wandered up to the guys and asked as I was passing, and was told who it was, only to turn away in disgust and go "Ah jaysus, tha' one?! With all the bleedin' fuss you'd think it'd be someone useful."

Context is in agreement with the old lady.
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Tori is having a bad day....

Tori (aka lakinicoyote) is having a bad day:
This day is a nonlubed buttplug with a razor half embedded in it, that's what this day is.
I feel like screaming NONLUBED BUTTPLUG WITH A RAZOR EMBEDDED IN IT at the kids when they walk by after school. I might. In my bathrobe. With curlers in my hair and a mud mask on.
..... And I will shake my buzzing viberator at them.

I am in a PMS mood.
I do not have a period, so I do not know what the PMS mood is all about.
It eats balls. And not in a good way. Sweaty, herpes riddled balls with genital worts oozing nasty puss and smelling like frumunda cheese balls. Yeah.

Context needs some chocolate.

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phoenix rising
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Voodoo Chickens

charming_goats and I are going to Phoenix Rising in New Orleans this May. She is planning things to do in her free time...

I think I'd rather have my cards read by some crazy old lady with one eye and half a chicken in her hair sitting on the street corner than by somebody who makes a lot of money off of it. I don't know, it somehow seems more real to me. It's like going to fuckingTarget to get your tarot cards read... after all, they do pride themselves on offering just about anything you could need.

QWP from a f-locked post. Context like chickens.
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jennyanydots21 has parents I, being immature, found amusing:

My parents got a bank statement today from an Australian bank, from an account which has had an amount of money sitting in it for several years.

Mam: These guys are charging us six dollars a year to keep our money in their account, the bastards. How long will it take until that uses up the whole amount?
Dad: Two hundred and sixty years.
Mam: Well... that's okay then.
Me: You should withdraw it and put it somewhere else.
Dad: I bet you say that to all the boys.
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ivy_chan talks about the questionable sanity of Dib fangirls in a comment on fanficrants:

"You know, I love the boy and all, but anyone who froths rabidly at the mouth while scooting rabidly across the classroom lighting system isn't exactly a poster boy for sanity. Clearly his fangirl was following his sterling example."

Context is frothing rabidly at the mouth