October 8th, 2006

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Writing, as always, proves to be an adventure.

Me: "All right iPod, I have a big fight scene to write, and I need you to set the mood. Don't fail me now."

iPod: ("You Are Always on my Mind" by the Pet Shop Boys)

Me: "...Look you petty piece of shit, I've already explained this to you. I have to touch your special area. I can't listen to music without manipulating your scroll wheel. Get over it."

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i do not think that means what you think it means.

dramaturgca comments on an AP news article about former Florida Rep. Foley:

"I'd like to point out that I don't think this author meant what he said...

It is the Florida Republican's sexually explicit electronic messages to teenage former male pages that have ignited what has become a pre-election firestorm.

I didn't realize that that there were a lot of teenage transgendered pages in DC. Cool. Well done."

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Fanfiction is useless when you get down to it. Just ask Nietzsche.

blindmadness compares the world of ancient philosophy to fanfiction:

So I'm doing my Rhetoric rereading, and it strikes me once more how much I hate Plato's Gorgias. This is why -- the work can be summarized like so: "HI, THE SOPHISTS SUCK A LOT :D :D LOOK AT THE BLATANT STEREOTYPES I'VE CREATED. ALL SOPHISTS ARE LIKE THIS. RLY. WATCH MY SELF-INSERT TOTALLY PWN THEM! ...BUT HE'S NOT A MARY SUE. HE HAS SOCRATES'S NAME. NOT MINE. :D"
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When you're a Jet...

popfiend disagrees with a particular call during the Jets game:

Apparently the refs were looking for this exchange:

Vilma: Pardon me good sir, would you mind particularly if I sack you?

Leftwich: My dear sir, I would be honored if you would prevent me from completing this pass.

Vilma: First, let me give you a shoulder massage and loosen your muscles. Afterwards, I will lay a pillow on the ground, with a mint of course, and then lay you gently upon the ground.

Leftwich: Will, you not fluff the pillow first?!?!? You rapscallion!!! I say, I withdraw my permission for you to sack me. Sir referee, will you throw the flag you so gaily wear to indicate a penalty? For I have been handled roughly. And do you have any Grey Poupon?

Ref: But of course.

Context is hanging out on the 20 yard line.
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