October 3rd, 2006

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uranus_sama has been reading the news.

Dude shot up an Amish school? Dude, wtf. The Amish never hurt anyone. They just hang out in Pennsylvania and Indiana and make cheese and other neat wares.

If you wanna go shoot something up, go shoot up the White House.

Sorry, F-locked.  But that's the whole thing. ^_^


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padparadscha commenting in kittikattie's journal about the suspect in the recent Amish school shootings:


I love how after the Significant Woman (momma or wife or whatever) says something like that, investigators delve in and find that Mr. Shy And Unassuming had like a basement full of jars of squirrel brains and a fascination for medieval torture implements and a pet rabid wolverine, and he would spend those nice family dinners denouncing the Nabisco Corporation for the transmitters they put in cheese or something. Seriously, there are very few people who DON'T show symptoms when they have a bad case of All Fucked Up. I'm never sure if the people around such psychos either really did fail to pay attention or are just covering their asses for not DOING something about it.

Also, if I took revenge on random people for shit that happened to me in junior high, wouldn't be nobody left. Some people really need to let it GO.

QWP from an excellent commentary in general.
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When I was a wee lass, I was very proud of myself for having solved world poverty. You see, I reasoned in my little six-year-old mind that no one could possibly be poor, since if they needed money, why, they could just go to an ATM and get some. I knew this method worked because I saw the machine spit out cash plenty of times.

Of course when I aired this important breakthrough theory in front on my parents they ungraciously laughed. I find mockery does wonders for one's learning curve.

From here, though that's the entire post.

pouringsand works in an Amish cultural center in Lancaster, PA.

You know things have taken a turn for the surreal when you come into work and the first thing you hear is that management just had to break up a scuffle between foreign reporters and an employee.

If I were permitted to speak to the media, I know exactly what I would say. Everyone wants to know what kind of people the Amish are, and I have just the thing to tell them.

It has received zero media attention so far, but it is the best and simplest explanation of what the Amish are truly like... two funds have been set up by the Old Order Amish community to accept donations. One is the Nickel Mines Children's Fund. The other is the Roberts Family Fund, for the Children of the Roberts Family.

The Roberts Family is the family of the gunman.

I think that speaks volumes about what kind of people the Amish are.

Context is dealing with the aftermath, and has donation links.
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flewellyn on what's important

flewellyn pulls no punches when it comes to setting priorities straight. He said recently in a post titled "Tempest in a teapot? More like a medicine dropper",

"So, no doubt many of you have heard the cries of outrage sounding across LiveJournal at the news that Six Apart is going to begin using sponsored communities and features on the site. ...I had just one thought: it's strange how, when Congress votes to suspend habeas corpus at the whim of the President, a man not known for making thoughtful or rational decisions, the majority of LJ users yawn and go back to bed. But, when Six Apart decides to make some harmless and possibly useful changes, everyone screams bloody murder. If even a tenth of the outrage and attention paid to the "sponsored content" business had been given to Thursday night's vote by Congress to destroy 800 years of legal precedent and protection, I might not fear for the future of this country as I do."

QWP, and viewable here: http://flewellyn.livejournal.com/35785.html
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eimran has endured an assassination attempt...

But that's not what I came here to talk to you all about. No, today I came to talk to you about the dangers of knickknacks.

Many of us have them. Few of us are wary of them. And let me tell you friends, WE NEED TO BE. Because just when you think you're safe to turn your back to fold laundry... armies of your breakable doodads are massing right behind you to smash off of one another, sending glass shards and shattered memories everywhere--but particularly into the palms of your hands, the bottoms of your feet... and the lesser-known target: The back of your knees. Protecting yourself is a tough job. Because they always watch. They always know. They have nothing but time to sit, and to plot. And knickknacks never sleep. They'll tear the light from your eyes, knock down your foundations, and scare the bejesus out of your pets. It's a little-known fact that knick-knack organized hate crimes account for two-thirds of all poltergeist-blamed incidents.

It's too late for me. As I type this, I can feel the horrors of hundreds of tiny shards of glass and hate working through my body and heading through my bloodstream. In a few hours I suspect I'll take on a painted appearance and a smashable exterior. In a few hours, I just might be out for you.

Context is lurking near under a guise of pretty innocence, plotting your DEATH.