October 2nd, 2006

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pandoramomo had this to say this morning...

I just thought Id inform everyone about this one.
So my grampa is in the hospital, doped up and calls the house this morning. "Pres. Bush visited me today. He seemed tired and smelled of cheese."

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High school traditions...

I posted a story in customers_suck about the lovely tradition of home coming mums and gilmoure responded with this little gem: I went to high school in the south and never heard of this. 'Course, it's hard to know what's going on once you've been stuffed into your locker. After awhile, I just installed lights and a small refrigerator. Made it much more homey Stupid HTML. *bangbang*
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ms_daisy_cutter in a discussion about literacy and reading habits in a locked post in my journal. QWP.

If the resident of a bookless home finds him or herself in the house of a bibliophile ..... the bewilderment is palpable. "Wow. Do you read all those books?" I've been tempted on those occasions to snark, "No. They're there in lieu of sandbags should the house flood." But I'd have to explain the word lieu to them, so it's not worth the effort.
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Everyone who ever shops should check this out...

From tenthofamoment, we have The Ten Commandments, customers_suck style

"And lo, in Moses' wake descended that One Cool Assistant Manager who sticks up for the cashiers, and brought unto the masses the Ten Commandments of Customer Courtesy , that all parties may be merry in their various transactions.


V. THOU SHALT provide ID when asked for it in all matters creditory, checkish, tobaccan, alcoholic, pseudephedric, or lotterific, and ye shall do so happily for it is the law of man."

The whole thing is definitely worth reading!!!

posted with permission
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