October 1st, 2006

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fun with sponsorship...

scarletdemon "defends" the new LJ sponsorship "feature":

I cannot see the problem in LJ accepting sponsored communities and features. Why is everyone going so hysterical? My journal is so popular that I have been offered sponsorship myself, by Dr. Dobbs Amazing Diet Pills, and frankly I don't think this will affect my readers in any way. Although obviously, if they do try the highly effective Dr. Dobbs Amazing Diet Pills, they will feel the wonderful health benefits and see the self-esteem giving results of this marvellously simple-to-use diet product.

As I said to my friend this morning,

"There is no such thing as a free lunch. LJ needs to do what it must do, to survive and add new features". She agreed and added that she was now able to eat lunch herself, because Dr. Dobbs Amazing Diet Pills simply melt away fat, enabling you to eat more and weigh less! And they're reasonably priced too.

Now, I know the Communists and whack jobs amongst you are thinking:

"I don't want to hear about Dr. Dobbs Amazing Diet Pills every time I read Scarlet's journal. I don't need to lose weight in a way that doesn't require exercise, food restrictions, or worthless faddy books! How can I read her LJ in it's purest form, without the distractions of ads for Dr. Dobbs Amazing Diet Pills?

It couldn't be simpler.

Anyone who doesn't want to see ads for Dr. Dobbs Amazing Diet Pills in my journal, can just send me cash, or buy me something from my Amazon Wish List (located on my Info page). People who contribute to my wealth in this manner will be excused from seeing my ads, as I have created a Special Non-Dr. Dobbs Amazing Diet Pills Filter, just for them.

They will also be excused from joining the Dr. Dobbs Amazing Diet Pills community that I'm setting up, to spread the word that dieting can be EASY and FUN, if you do it the Dr. Dobbs way.

Now, I can't say fairer than THAT, can I?

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And lo, there came a time of Biblical metaing

from dangerousfred via his wife fabu

Dangerousfred did gaze upon his oldest child and said unto him, "O my son, know I do love thee, but thou wert told what I expected of thee, and thou didst disappoint me. As thou hast not cleaned thy room, which still maketh my eyes to water from the stench, thou shalt get no Nuggets Of Chicken. Thy lunch shall be bread and butter of peanut and jelly, and thou must make it thyself. Nay, and there shall be no fries of France. Instead, thy must comfort thyself with the pretzels that are a little bit stale. Thou shalt have no cup of PowerAde, blue in color and berry in flavor. Thou may instead comfort thyself with water - with ice or without, as thou prefer."

Read the rest here.

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robyn_ma and i agree: the BPAL descriptions are crap.

Top of left wrist: Feces

Catalog says: The giver of life, the nourisher of flowers, the very scent of earthy simplicity. Unmistakable in its essence, unique and yet universal and eternal. Insert something here about flute-wielding skeletons or inconsolable maidens.

On me: It smells dense yet subtle, with the barest hint of the meat loaf I ate last night. Very natural, enveloping and warm.

Lee says: Shit.

in the comments here. context will smell really nice, even though it's homeless, starving, and broke.
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