September 30th, 2006

angle of the Lord


aelindil brings the funny about the socioethnic demographic at her uni

Also, some wasps are building a nest inside one of the lampposts by my dorm. As nice as "live and let live" might sound, suppose someone who's allergic gets stung? I decided it was my civic duty to hang a sign on the post reading: "Caution: WASPS." My sketchy capitalization, I'll admit, may lead people to believe that we need to beware the students rather than the insects, but either way, passers-by are forewarned.

Context doesn't want to get stung
cheshire cat

Menu options

neojess's cat thinks that her diet is lacking somthing:

Dear StinkyBaby -

I realize you are concerned that I do not eat well. Your efforts to sample my food to determine its nutrional value have been noted. I regret shunning your offerings of vole prepared many ways - freshly dead, not quite dead, kicking like mad, very dead, very very dead, and slow-roasted on the power outlets, as well as the other wild game, such as baby bat tartare, woodpecker al dente, mouse in three sections, hand-tossed possum, lightly gnawed snake and bug of unusual size.
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Context needs a breathmint. QWP.
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We're everywhere you want to be?

In the comments of the Great LJ Advertising Drama of 2006, elizardbits imagined another potential marketing space:

Oh LiveJournal, how you inspire me to greatness! You know... My gynaecologist is losing his hair. Maybe he could rent out that space on his scalp for corporate advertising. Because nothing says "target market" and "captive audience" like rubber gloves, an ice-cold speculum, and "VISA: We're everywhere you want to be" poking about your ladybits.

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