September 29th, 2006


Dinner in Minor Miracles

komos had dinner last night.

I was also thankful for the pie that appeared in a place where there had been no pie. Because pie is inherently superior to no pie, this made me happy. Apple-cranberry pie seems to have strange mystical powers, so you should keep an eye open in case one phases through time and space to find its way into your kitchen.

Context is short and...


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spatialrift47 is on a metaquotes roll!

Re: Homework:

"Homework ate my soul again. It went down something like this:

Homework: *goes to five-star French restaurant with a name like Snooty Escargot or something*
M'aitre D: (in outrageous French accent) Vat vould m'sieur like this evahning?
Homework: Hmm ... *strokes beard* ... what is your special today?
M'aitre D: Ve have ze soul of spatialrift47, braised under glass.
Homework: That sounds excellent. I'll order that.
M'aitre D: May I rehcommend a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon?
Homework: Yes, I'll take one, thank you.
M'aitre D: Oui m'sieur.

Oh well, At least my soul goes for $200 a plate.

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Mirror Ball

mom_almighty, on her bathroom contractors:

The bathroom guys are here, as usual. The ones who took sledgehammers to my old bathroom and carried a marble countertop into my house. The ones who make a lunch of beef jerky and an apple. They're wearing dirt-splattered pants, nasty shirts, big work boots. They've got VBC (Visible Butt Crack) going on. They're talking about the Sawx. They're guys' guys. They're painting today. I just passed by them, while putting away folded laundry.

They're listening to Sarah McLachlan.

They're singing along.

They're comparing her new work to her earlier work.

No, I'm not kidding.

Apparently, my house is the place old gender sterotypes go to die.

UPDATE: They've moved on. To Alanis Morrisette. They're whistling along.

Context has a one hand in his pocket...

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deelieboppers sharpened

Badmagic, on slippery slopes and the reliability of torture derived information

. . . Add these up, and somewhere in the future is a video on YouTube starring you naked, with a carrot up your ass, explaining how you were with Frodo on that trip to Mount Doom and ohgod you're sorry. And every vote cast in favor of allowing someone on American soil to be declared an enemy combatant, detained without Habeas corpus, and subject to interrogation techniques brings that day nearer.

In a comment here, as part of this thread about our newly approved 'antiterrorism' policy.

darthmaligna on the nature of lesbianism

In any case, I think I've once again demonstrated that we lesbians are what we are for a reason, and that reason is that we go for men based on things like sad eyes and quiet, throaty voices rather than any actual physical attractiveness and therefore got our heterosexuality licenses revoked.

Context has a thing for Lothaire Bluteau.


megamoss on his traditional british holiday

"Blackpool itself is a Chavs dream place. Arcades installed in every other building, gambling emporiums, dubious merchandise stands and lots of cheap alcohol vendors. Looking past that though it was probably once a nice place. A lick of paint wouldn't go amiss. Maybe a few weeks of Marshall Law too."

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Nikki Piggle fails to find logic in Texas

aganippe has written, with some artistic license, a short history of Texas to demonstrate its lack of logic:

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~Lots of people die senselessly with lots of blood and pain, and North wins~

All of South Including Texas: Umm, yea.
North: Thought so.
All of South Including Texas: So . . . can we still be friends or are you guys totally in charge now?
North: What do you think??
All of South Including Texas: Right-o, then. We'll just be over here licking our wounds (ya damn Commie bastards).

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is whistling Dixie.