September 27th, 2006

grrr fearsome Gimli axe

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alemara discovers some frankly terrifying coffee:

Right now, I'm drinking what is confidently advertised on the front of the package as "A Taste of the Old West," which tastes, I admit, rather more like regular coffee than I might otherwise have thought. The coffee's made by the Cowboy Coffee Company of, you guessed it, Wyoming, and has this intriguing phrase lauded underneath a picture of a man on a horse with a tin mug, ostensibly given to him by a woman holding an aluminum coffee pot:

"Like the original cowboy, this hearty medium roasted coffee is a blend with many influences."

I can only guess what that might mean, but it is in no way as fantastic as the little blurb on the back, written in manly all-capitals and headed under the fascinating title:

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QWP from a public post, and all that good stuff.