September 26th, 2006

springtime the pony

Two selections from an enlightening discussion of foreign languages


You know, all the guidebooks teach you to ask where the bathroom is, but they don't teach you how to understand "Take a left, go down the hall, it's the one next to the picture of Marilyn Monroe."


I only know one Spanish phrase, but not how to spell it. It's something like, "Oí en el baño que tu tiene mi flauta." In English it's, "I heard in the bathroom that you have my flute." How I came about needing to learn this phrase is a long story which is, alas, off topic.

El contexto está en el baño.
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ash - OMG!

We didn't do it!

juliebean points out the irony.

So I keep hearing all this buzz about how McDonald's is putting all of this money into finding a cure for childhood obesity.

Is it just me or doesn't that kind of sound like OJ looking for the "real killers"?

No additional context and QWP.
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