September 22nd, 2006

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"Your college room didn't "get" a spider infestation. You bred them. You had little feeding troughs under the bed and signs outside going "I, FOR ONE, WELCOME OUR NEW ARACHNID MASTERS" and tiny spider-sized duvets and everything.. You were probably running some Schindlers-List style rescue operation from the rooms of other people in your halls who killed the things on sight, as all good humans have a duty to."
- oxfordgirl, of lord_sandwich

Context is hairy and eight-legged. May be unsuitable for arachnophobes.

We're not all idi-- ooh, shiny

lizita posts about Richard Hammond's accident (and "health and safety"). ailurus replies:

I'm pretty damn sure that people like the twunt in today's Daily Mail are only crying for it to be axed because they're of the impression that this country is filled with brain-dead, vacuous morons that will automatically go and copy anything they see on TV. I wonder when they'll wake up & realize that the vast majority of the population do have minds of their own, and aren't about to go about trying to be race drivers, just because they saw it on Top Gear.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm switching off the internet to and climb up a television aerial; I saw David Tennant do it on Doctor Who, and it looked like fun.

Locked post, QWP.
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mmm history goodness

In response to someone asking us to do their homework for them , bopeepsheep replies (unlocked post):

1. England's never had any trouble with its colonies. The Romans gave us a bit of trouble initially, and then there were the waves of immigrants from Jutland, Frisia and the like, but we settled into a decent pattern of towns and villages pretty swiftly. The two plagues got rid of a few smaller settlements, and the Industrial Revolution turned a lot of people into economic migrants and created slums in inner-cities, but on the whole the struggling was mostly due to weather.

2. It's always good to figure out what you want before you ask for it, and have a practice revolution first. The Russians demonstrated this nicely in 1917, having two revolutions for the price of one. Naming your revolution correctly helps, though. It's not all that Glorious if you have to have another one. The Russians made the mistake of naming theirs by months which breaks when you switch calendar systems. 'American' works better because it's true, by geography, and would become true politically if it worked.

3. That's a very sweeping question, so a sweeping answer is justified. Yes.
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Serenity? Not at a con.

edallia and her dad go to a con.

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of Con came to me weeks later, when I was trying to explain to my father what the hell Serenity was and why it caused a line of people to snake way the hell out the door and halfway across the Hilton.

"I don't know," was my explanation.

"That Sarah Michelle Gellar is pretty hot," was my father's response.

"She wasn't in that."

"That doesn't *even* matter."

Bonus, because it was too good not to: When I asked her for permission to metaqoute, her response was this:

Go for it. Unless you think it'll make people think I'm maligning Serenity somehow. That is a LOT of people to piss off. Though judging from that line, most of them are still at the Hilton in Atlanta.

QWP, Context bathes every day, even at Conventions.
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