September 21st, 2006


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Craigslist Personals is a strange mix between Mos Eisley and Romper Room.

While it's probably the worst place on earth to go to actually find love, it is good for amusement value.

(tragic1 responding to ohsweetness' rant about Craigslist. Context here.
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j_buns is amazed by squirrels


Personally, I would have been shocked too. Context still can't get over it.

"so.. today i learned that a squirrel can eat a quarter of it's body size in burrito.... why you ask?... i was mugged!

a squirrel sneaked up and stole the last 1/2 of my burrito... and proceded to eat slightly more than half of that, and then cary the remainder up a tree..and stow it conveniently on a branch overhanging a very heavily trafficed area. it was quite entertaining. and i really wish i could be there for when the burrio falls..hopefully onto an unsuspecting sorority girl ^^

though i suppose he really didn't "steal" it.. as i left it intentionally unattended when i saw him come down the tree... but it was still funny to watch a squirrel eat a burrito half of it's own size"

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hesterbyrde, after getting an email about how people should treat their bibles like their cell phones (basically like another arm):

If I treated my Bible like my cellphone,
I would drop it repeatedly.
Lose it in my car at least twice a day
Ignore it if the person calling is someone I either don't know or don't want to talk to... Like God for instance.

If you wanna read said email
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